American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2020

American Protégé International Woodwinds and Brass Competition is designed for solo performers and ensembles of all ages, nationalities and countries, who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. The Competition is open for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Piccolo, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Flugel, Tuba and other woodwinds and brass instruments. Participants are required to submit video recording of recent performance for the audition.

In 2020, American Protégé International Woodwinds and Brass Competition attracted a large number of very competitive applicants from 10 countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.



We invite school students and adults to participate in the Competition. There is no age limit for the adult participants.

Multiple winners will be chosen in each of the following age groups:

Category: Age:
Young musicians5 - 9
Junior10 - 13
Intermediate14 - 17
Amateur (without Professional Degree)18 and older
College students and professionals18 and older



Winners can choose to perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City on the dates to be announced, or to receive a Winner’s Package by mail.

$300 Scholarship, Judges’ Favorite Award Trophy, Judges’ Distinction Award Trophy and other Special Awards may be granted based on the judges recommendations.

American Protégé

International Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2020 Results

American Protégé Scholarship Award Winner:

Carnegie Hall Music Competitions

Dr. Evan Clark is an award-winning performer and researcher who discovers unknown historical music and reimagines the contemporary saxophone canon. His solo performances, ensemble tours and research projects have taken him throughout the United Stated, France, Germany, China, and Thailand. He is the 2019-2020 recipient of the Kate Neal Kinley Fellowship for post-doctoral research on music from the Weimar Republic. His dissertation and lecture-recital at the University of Illinois explore the construction of gender in Bolcom’s Lilith. Clark has received top awards from the MTNA National Solo Competition, the International Saxophone Symposium and Competition, the Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition and the Young Arts Competition. Clark is the Instructor of Saxophone and Jazz Ensemble Director at the University of Illinois, Springfield. He holds the DMA and MM from the University of Illinois and the BM from the University of South Carolina. His past teachers include Debra Richtmeyer and Clifford Leaman.

Judges Distinction Award (Plaque Trophies) Winner

Carnegie Hall Music Competitions

Katherine Kim is currently a junior at Bergen County Academies in the Academy of Performing Arts. She became passionate about music at a young age, as it has helped develop greater confidence in expressing herself. She was first introduced to music through playing the piano and later went on to win competitions and to perform twice at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Upon entering middle school, she learned to play the clarinet and further exposed herself to diverse music by studying at the Manhattan School of Music Precollege. Katherine competed in the North International Music Competition, East Coast International Competition, VIVO International Music Competition, Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition, and the Golden Classical Music Awards International Music Competition, winning first prize and performing at Carnegie Hall. Currently, she is a clarinetist in the Symphony Orchestra at the Precollege and is the principal in her school’s band and pit orchestra. She is also a member of the New York Youth Symphony Chamber Music Program.

Winners by Age Category

First Place Winners:
Young Musicians Category, Age 5 to 9:
Jinghao Wei, recorder7Kunming, China
Student of Oleksandr Slivinskyy  
Jayden Chang, flute8San Jose, CA
Student of Gregory Melnik  
Junior Category, Age 10 to 13:
Sophia Kim, flute11Gyonggi-do, South Korea
Student of Changgeun Kang  
Nina Kasamatsu, flute12Tokyo, Japan
Student of Jun Kubo  
Hannah Cho, oboe13Tustin, CA
Student of Victoria Lee  
Jayden Lee, flute13Mclean, VA
Student of Elizabeth Bentley  
Jiayi Angela Yin, oboe13Melbourne, Australia
Student of Stephen Robinson  
Intermediate Category, Age 14 to 17:
Alina Chen, flute14Auckland, New Zealand
Student of Melanie Lancon  
Daniel Choi, oboe15Pleasantville, NY
Student of Nathan Hughes  
Jamie Tan, flute15San Jose, CA
Student of Xuemei Zou  
Kazutada Nakao, alto saxophone15Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Shay Salhov  
Małgorzata Cieszko, oboe15Śląskie, Poland
Student of Piotr Pyc and Zuzanna Cieszko
Seung Hee (Sunny) Rhew, Bb clarinet15Ridgewood, NJ
Student of Seungho Choi  
Ashley Zhuang, flute16Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Xuemei Zou  
Caroline Gong, flute16Pleasanton, CA
Student of Isabelle Chapuis  
Eric Yoon, Soprano Saxophone16Norwood, NJ
Student of Matthew Gramata  
Katherine Kim, clarinet16Old Tappan, NJ
Student of Renee Rosen  
Qiaoyin Bo, bassoon16Shenzhen, China
Ashley Ko, flute17Saratoga, CA
Student of Liling Chen  
Hannah Zhang, euphonium17Sugar Land, TX
Student of Steven Vogel  
Hyeil Helen Kim, flute17Auckland, New Zealand
Student of Christine Kim  
Hyungsoon Henry Kim, trumpet17Concord, NH
Student of Orlando R. Pandolfi and Niels E. Heido
Joanna Hsieh, flute17Los Altos, CA
Student of Isabelle Chapuis  
Katherine Woo, oboe17San Jose, CA
Student of Yeseul Park  
Laura Gong, flute17Campbell, CA
Student of Xuemei Zou  
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals:
Evan Clark, saxophone28Urbana, IL
Jiaqi Liu, clarinet27Columbus, OH
Student of Caroline A. Hartig   
Kayla Gilmore, flute20Chester, WV
Student of Kathryn Umble and Michael Maizels
Yeji Park, flute25Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Student of Judith Mendenhall  
Evelyn Hur, flute18Seoul, South Korea
Student of Joohee Lee  
Second Place Winners:
Young Musicians Category, Age 5 to 9:
Apollo Premadasa, trombone6Harrow, Great Britain
Student of Rob Burgess  
Daniel Ping, flute7New York, NY
Student of Grace Thompson  
Junior Category, Age 10 to 13:
Jiyoo Nam, flute12Irvine, CA
Student of Kristyn Son  
Sahana Manikandan, oboe12Princeton, NJ
Student of Barbara Witmer  
Akash Vasan, bassoon
13Austin, TX
Student of Alanna Tate Kumme and Daniel Chrisman
Elise Kang, french horn13Scarsdale, NY
Student of Ginger Lai Kokoszka and Amanda Tabor
Gavin Huang, Bb clarinet13Milpitas, CA
Student of Julianna Tzeng  
Michal Pasierbek, oboe13Śląskie, Poland
Student of Piotr Pyc  
Intermediate Category, Age 14 to 17:
Jaehyun Lim, clarinet14Saratoga, CA
Student of Sonyoung  Kang  
Kang Yoon, flute14Santa Clara, CA
Student of Tina Kim  
Juhye (Alice) Oh, flute15San Ramon, CA
Student of Yuna Kim  
Matthew Lee, clarinet15Palo Alto, CA
Student of Hye Min Yun  
Aileen Wan, flute16Irvine, CA
Student of Bolin Pan  
Hana Snyder, flute16San Ramon, CA
Student of Yuna Kim  
Jihyeok Chang, clarinet16Los Angeles, CA
Student of YunHee Lee and Zhou Jun
Joanna Choe, flute16Glenview, IL
Student of Hideko Amano and Evan Fojtik
Kerry Zeng, flute17Chengdu, China
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals:
Anne Kim, oboe22San Jose, CA
Student of Sara Kim  
Kevin Ho, clarinet26Saratoga, CA
Student of Tinal Song  
Michael Rosenblatt24Moscow, Russia
Student of Elena Tkacheva  

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation


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