American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2019

American Protégé International Woodwinds and Brass Competition is designed for solo performers and ensembles of all ages, nationalities and countries, who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. The Competition is open for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Piccolo, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Flugel, Tuba and other woodwinds and brass instruments. Participants are required to submit video recording of recent performance for the audition.



We invite school students and adults to participate in the Competition. There is no age limit for the adult participants.

Multiple winners will be chosen in each of the following age groups:

Category: Age:
Young musicians5 - 9
Junior10 - 13
Intermediate14 - 17
Amateur (without Professional Degree)18 and older
College students and professionals18 and older



Winners performed at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City on the following dates:

    • Saturday, December 14, 2019
    • Sunday, December 15, 2019
    • Sunday, April 12, 2020


$300 Scholarship, Judges’ Favorite Award Trophy, Judges’ Distinction Award Trophy and other Special Awards may be granted based on the judges recommendations.

International Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2019 Results

Judges Distinction Award (Plaque Trophies) Winner

Woodwinds and Brass Competition Winner 20102

Eve Ferrie is a 13-year-old saxophonist, jazz vocalist, pianist and didgeridoo player. Over the past three years, Eve has won over 40 prizes in woodwind competitions. In 2019, Eve won the inaugural Generations in Jazz Blanchard Award, a scholarship for future Australian jazz instrumentalists. She also won the Peter Martin Award (Monash Youth Music festival) and was awarded a Boroondara Lions Club Instrumental Scholarship. In 2018, Eve was awarded first prize at the Brisbane International Youth Music festival. She is the recipient of the Musical Society of Victoria’s Frank Biesterfeldt award (2017) and the Bill Borthwick Young Musician’s Encouragement Award through the Dandenong Ranges Music Council (2018). Eve has participated in masterclasses at the Melbourne International Saxophone Festival with renowned artists such as Vincent David. In 2018, playing the didgeridoo, Eve toured Germany and Switzerland with the Melbourne String Ensemble. Eve also enjoys horse riding and creative writing.

Winners by Age Category

First Place Winners:
Young Musicians Category, Age 5 to 9:
Eric Myung, oboe9Harrison, NY
Student of Yousun Chung  
Christina Tello, clarinet9San Antonio, TX
Student of Marina Ostrovsky  
Junior Category, Age 10 to 13:
Ana Gogoladze, flute10Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
Student of Meri Zhvania  
Elisa Wu, flute11Auckland, New Zealand
Student of Christine Kim  
Eve Ferrie, saxophone13Melbourne, Australia
Student of Joseph Lallo  
Intermediate Category, Age 14 to 17:
Ivan Smaltsuga, flute14Kunming, China
Student of Turbovskyy Volodymyr and Savelyev Denis
Abigail Kim, oboe15Happy Valley, OR
Student of Karen Wagner  
Aileen Liao, oboe16Saratoga, CA
Student of Pamela Hakl Economos  
Aileen Mi, flute16Saratoga, CA
Student of Xuemei Zou  
Andrew So, oboe16Los Angeles, CA
Student of Yuli Kwon  
Emily Jang, oboe16Scarsdale, NY
Student of Yousun Chung  
Ivy Lee, flute16Alpharetta, GA
Student of Christina Smith  
Jasper Wang, clarinet16Palo Alto, CA
Student of Mark Brandenburg  
Sungho Wui, trumpet16South Pasadena, CA
Student of Ohtae Kwon  
Irene Kim, flute17Alhambra, CA
Student of Grace Shin  
Simon Bakos, Bass clarinet17Mason, Ohio
Student of Diana Gipson  
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals:
Antonina Styczen, flute28Irvine, CA
Student of Sarah Brady  
Eric Schultz, clarinet29Kew Gardens, NY
Student of Alan Kay  
Hantao Li, alto saxophone35Coralville, IA
Huong Thu Le, flute40Denton, TX
Student of Terri Sundberg and James Scott
Jaehan Kim, tenor trombone20Seoul, South Korea
Student of Ohtae Kwon  
Tamila Freitas de Souza, flute31Columbia, MO
Student of Alice Dade  
Wenbo Feng, saxophone30Carrollton, TX
Student of Eric Nestler  
Second Place Winners:
Young Musicians Category, Age 5 to 9:
Ella McMillen, flute8Chicago, IL
Student of Daniel Scott  
Ashley Chen, flute9New York, NY
Student of Sophia Shapiro  
Junior Category, Age 10 to 13:
Anna Lin, flute12Irvine, CA
Student of Judy Ho  
Chihiro Shitomi, clarinet12San Jose, CA
Student of Tina Tsai  
Gary Haoyang Liu, saxophone13Hong Kong
Student of Bruce Krasin and Wendi Melnik
Intermediate Category, Age 14 to 17:
Ashley Ma, flute14Cuptertino, CA
Student of Xuemei Zou  
Felix Shen, flute14Scottsdale, AZ
Student of Elizabeth Buck and Brian Gordon
Srinidhi Narla, flute14Allen, TX
Student of Sarah Deay  
Caroline Gong, flute15Pleasanton, CA
Student of Isabelle Chapuis and Maria Tamburrino
Daniel Ethan Gliksberg, alto saxophone15Newton, MaA
Student of Kenneth Radnofsky  
Jason He, flute15Green Brook, NJ
Student of Christine Kang  
Olivia Cook, Bari saxophone15White Plains, NY
Student of Lukas Gabric and Rosemary Kennedy
Victoria Chung, flute15Belmont, CA
Student of Tina Kim  
Leslie Sun, Bb clarinet16Saratoga, CA
Student of Tina Tsai  
Tomas Germanas, clarinet16Ellicott City, MD
Student of William Welty  
Gerald Kang, clarinet17Portland, OR
Student of Dunja Jennings-Marcum  
Lawrence Chen, clarinet17Irvine, CA
Student of Richard Kay  
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals:
Jung Kyu Song, clarinet29Sunnyside, NY
Sarah Khan, flute18Everett, WA
Student of Mary MacRae  
Flute and Oboe Duo:  
Jill Benway, flute22Atlanta, GA
Student of Sarah Ambrose and Lara Dahl
Neil Cole, oboe22Snellville, GA
Student of Lara Dahl and Sarah Ambrose
Amateur Category:
Braedon Line, french horn18Wellsville, UT
Student of Gwendolyn Anding  
Thuc Nguyen, clarinet Los Angeles, CA
Student of Boris Allakhverdyan  

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation


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