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International Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2018

American Protégé International Woodwinds and Brass Competition is designed for solo performers and ensembles of all ages, nationalities and countries, who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. The Competition is open for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Piccolo, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Flugel, Tuba and other woodwinds and brass instruments. Participants are required to submit video or audio recording materials for the audition.


We invite school students and adults to participate in the Competition. There is no age limit for the adult participants.

Multiple winners were chosen in each of the following age groups:

Category:   Age:
Young musicians  5 – 9
 Junior  10 – 13
 Intermediate 14 – 17 
 Amateur (without Professional Degree) 18 and older 
 College students and professionals 18 and older 


Winners performed at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City on December 15 and 23 of 2018, March 31, 2019 and April 21, 2019 (Easter). 

$300 Scholarship, Judges’ Favorite Award Trophy was granted based on the judges recommendations.

International Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2018 Results

Jury’s Favorite ($300 Scholarship and Plaque Trophy) Award Winner:

Yamaha Performing Artist Dr. Jeffery Kyle Hutchins is active as a soloist, chamber musician, improviser, educator, and performance artist. Praised for his “formidable technique” and “enviable  uniformity of tone” (The Saxophone Symposium) and described as a “skilled improviser, no doubt about it” (I Care If You Listen), Hutchins has performed in Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Scotland, South Korea, and major cities across the US. He has appeared on more than ten albums, participated in the creation of more than 130 new works, and regularly performs with groups 113 (One Thirteen), AVIDduo, Binary Canary, the Broken Consort, The Poem is Done, and Strains New Music Ensemble. Hutchins received the Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Minnesota where he was a student of Eugene Rousseau. Hutchins is Artist/Teacher of Saxophone at Virginia Tech. Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2018
Name Age Country/State
First Place Winners:
Junior Category, Age 10 to 13:
Stella Su, flute 11 Palo Alto, CA
Student of Teresa Orozco
Louis Auxenfans, clarinet 13 Chicago, IL
Student of Ozzie Gonzales and Steven Gooden
Max Kaminsky, clarinet 13 Tarzana, CA
Student of Boris Allakhverdyan
Naina Ray, Bb clarinet 13 Scarsdale, NY
Student of Claire Grellier
Intermediate Category, Age 14 to 17:
Gavin Cui, flute 14 Pennington, NJ
Student of Binbin Hu
Andrew So, oboe 15 Los Angeles, CA
Student of Yuli Kwon
Joshua Lee, oboe 15 Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Yeseul Park
Annie Ping, flute 16 San Jose, CA
Student of Xuemei Zou
Kleo Ku, flute 16 San Jose, CA
Student of Maria Tamburrino
Tamar Maglakelidze, flute 17 Kutaisi, Republic of Georgia
Student of Meri Zhvania
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals:
Jeffery Kyle Hutchins, saxophone 30 Christiansburg, VA
Student of Eugene Rousseau and Eric Nestler
Ricardo Gil, flute 22 Terre Haute, IN
Student of Joyce Wilson
Saemee Kim, bassoon 30 Seoul, South Korea
Student of William Ludwig
Sarah Shin, flute 28 New Brunswick, NJ
Miroirs Duo:
Mark Allen Jr., clarinet 23 Saint Albans, NY
Student of Pavel Vinnitsky
Allison Wang, piano 23 New York, NY
Student of Inesa Sinkevych
Winspear Duo:
Justin Sales, saxophone 23 Denton, TX
Student of Dr. Eric Nestler
Sam Day, clarinet 24 Denton, TX
Student of Kimberly Cole Luevano and Allison Storochuk
Second Place Winners:
Junior Category, Age 10 to 13:
Anna Lin, flute 11 Irvine, CA
Student of Judy Ho
Jianna Jia Kim, flute 11 Blue Bell, PA
Student of Michael Maizels
Ananya Sriram, flute 12 San Jose, CA
Student of Teresa Orozco
Anika Gandhi, flute 12 Millbrae, CA
Student of Teresa Orozco
Joshua Jung, oboe 13 Frisco, TX
Student of Ha Eun An
Sebastian Gonzales, oboe 13 Philadelphia, PA
Student of Jocelyn Moore
Intermediate Category, Age 14 to 17:
Raina Bandekar, flute 14 Ambler, PA
Student of Michael Maizels
Siheon Park, clarinet 14 Cupertino, CA
Student of Hye Min Yun
Alexis Kwon, flute 15 Palo Alto, CA
Student of Tina Kim
Laura Gong, flute 15 Campbell, CA
Student of Xuemei Zou
Allison Huang, oboe 16 Irvine, CA
Student of Price Kent
Angelreana Choi, flute 16 Springfield, MO
Student of Meghan Jacoby
Dominik Klemetsrud, oboe 16 Jacksonville, FL
Student of Xiaodi Liu and Ann Adams
Iris Fu, flute 16 Corvallis, OR
Student of Sandy Duffy Norman
Kevin Gong, oboe 16 Sandy Hook, CT
Student of Olav Van Hezewijk
Phoebe Lin, flute 16 San Jose, CA
Student of Isabelle Chapuis
Tobenna Orizu, Bb trumpet 17 Rolla, MO
Student of John Shumacher
Isaac Yi, alto saxophone 16 Palisades Park, NJ
Student of Graeme Norris and Jim Saltzman
Joshua Kwon, B flat clarinet 15 Northvale, NJ
Student of Eunsoo Chang
Isaac Kwon, B flat clarinet 17 Northvale, NJ
Student of Eunsoo Chang
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals:
Andrew Im, clarinet 24 Englewood, NJ
Student of Alexander Fiterstein
Janghyun Kim, clarinet 28 Baton Rouge, LA
Student of Deborah Chodacki and Victor Drescher

Third Place and Honorable Mention Winners will be notified of their standing via email.


Winners Recital Information

1. Each Winner will perform at one Recital. Recital date and time will be offered to the Winner based on the Competition results.

2.To change a performance repertoire (including the shortened version of the piece for string performers), a $55 fee must be submitted on the Contact Us page no later than two months prior to the Recital.

3. Only piano accompaniment can be used at the Winners Recital. No acoustic system will be provided.
4. Participants must bring their own piano accompanist. American Protege does not provide piano accompanist, but can recommend one (contact the office).
5. All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations, etc.).
6. The total Recital and Photo Fee for Solo Participants is $400 and includes: admission for participant and piano accompanist (if needed), Recital booklets with all Recital performers’ biographies and photos (for the booklet sample please click here), Certificate, Teacher’s Diploma, four guests’ tickets and 20-30 digital photos taken by professional photographer during participant’s performance on stage.

7. For Ensemble Member, Recital Fee is $230 per member plus $100 Photo Fee per group.
8. Extra performance time of up to 1 minute can be accepted for the Winners Recital with an additional fee of $100.

9. Organizational Committee collects short biographies to introduce the performers at the Winners Recitals. American Protégé reserves the rights to edit, reduce and re-format any submitted biographies as it seems appropriate and fit into the Recital Brochure.
10. Recital and Photo Fees are not refundable.
11. Photography and video/audio recording is not permitted for audience at Carnegie Hall.
12. Detailed Winners Recital Guidelines will be emailed to the participants.