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International Music Talent Competition Spring 2018

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition Spring 2018 is open to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.

Winners performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City on:

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018 (Memorial Day)

Saturday, June 30, 2018.

American Protégé

Music Talent Competition Spring 2018 Results:

$300 Scholarship Award Winner

Tzu-Hsuan Yang, a singer and a pianist from Taiwan. She is now pursuing a master degree in piano performance at Illinois State University. Currently, she is also part of the Midwest Institution Opera as an emerging singer. She received her B.M. from University of Taipei of Vocal in 2016. She attended at Salzburg International festival and learned in Mezzo-soprano Helene Schneiderman’s studio Festival. She also performed at University of Taipei, Yuanlin performance hall, Taiwan National music performance hall.

Judges’ Distinction (Plaque Trophy) Award Winners

James Lacey, III, age 8, is from South Pasadena, CA and has been playing the cello since he was 5 years old. At age 7, James placed first in the Diamond Bar Performing Arts Challenge on the cello. In the past year, he was a Regional Winner in the Southern California Junior Bach Festival and selected to advance to the Complete Works Audition where he placed third overall in solo cello.  In 2017, James also performed in the New York International Music Festival at Carnegie Hall with his local youth orchestra. He is currently a member of the Cello Choir at the Colburn School in Los Angeles. When James is not playing the cello, he can be found on the soccer field. James studies the cello with Vardan Gasparyan. cello winner
Bang Tam Tran, from Hanoi – Vietnam, is a Grade 1 student at Newton Grammar International School. She started her piano lesson with Linh Hoang Khanh Doan at the age of 4. After 6 months studying piano, she received a Distinction in the Trinity Music Exam (from Trinity College London) at Initial Level. At the age of 6, she became the youngest person in Vietnam received Grade 3 certificate from Trinity Music Exam. She won a numerous of national and international competitions such as International Competition in Rome Italy (1st prize and prize for exceptional young talent), Music Award in New York (1st prize), American Protégé Piano and Strings Competition (2nd prize), International Competition in Austria (1st prize) and Hanoi Piano Festival (2nd Prize) and CEG Festival (3rd Prize) in Vietnam.
Yen-Chun Wang, 10 years old . At 7 years old , he met his piano teacher ~ Veronica Yen. He is highly influenced by Veronica’s performance, and built the strong foundation for playing techniques . At 8 years old, he passed ABRSM grade 5. In the past two years, he has played two recitals. In just 3 years, he has participated in more than 60 local piano competitions. Inspired by his teacher, who has extensive international performance experience, he participated in the International Piano Competitions in 2016, including Japan (PIARA), Hong Kong, and Macau, and has won numerous awards. Music Talent Competition winner 1
Sophia Motai is a junior at Tenafly High School, NJ where she plays violin as a principal in the Philharmonic Orchestra and in the chamber trio. She studied at MSM Precollege and is currently in the studio of Elizabeth Faidley and a member of the flagship quintet at NY Youth Symphony, premiering a commissioned piece at Carnegie Hall. She performed in the NJ Regional and All State Orchestra and in master classes with Lisa Batiashvili, Katie Lansdale, Ray Chen, Vadim Gluzman and Elizabeth Chang. She participated in the “Music for All” National Festival and played as a soloist with the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra. She won the prizes from VIVO, East Coast, Great Composer, United States Classical, Enkor, Camerata International, National Young Maestro, Rondo Young Arts, National Artists and International Music Organization NY, for whom she will play as a soloist in the 1st NY Concerto Debut Concert with orchestra.
Name Age City/State/Country
First Place Winners
Bang Tam Tran, piano 7 Hanoi, Vietnam
Student of Hoang Khanh Linh Doan
Jianuo Zhou, piano 7 Beijing, China
Student of Yan Ren
James Lacey, cello 8 South Pasadena, CA
Student of Vardan Gasparyan
Yen-Chun Wang, piano 10 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Student of Veronica Yen
Alissa Chen, piano 12 Staten Island, NY
Student of Dr. Tian Song
Anjulie Djearam, voice 12 Victoria, Canada
Student of Joanne Hounsell
Sunny Xiao, piano 13 San Diego, CA
Student of Inessa Litvin
Ellen Zhang, guzheng 14 Potomac, MD
Student of Bing Xia
Elliott Park, violin 15 San Diego, CA
Student of Hee Jeong and Pasha Tseitlin
Ivan Lin, piano 15 Brooklyn, NY
Student of Dr. Tian Song
Jimmy Chen, piano 15 Francis Drive, NJ
Student of Devi Yee
Julia Pepper, piano 15 Staten Island, NY
Student of Dr. Tian Song
Kristen Yang, violin 15 Jericho, NY
Student of Roslyn Huang
Margaret Wu, piano 15 West Chester, PA
Student of Joy Kiszely
Rachelle Lee, flute 15 Jericho, NY
Student of Min Jung Moon
Erin Liu, piano 16 Saratoga, CA
Student of Nataly Gingis
Ethan Resnik, piano/composition 16 Bedford, NY
Student of Jacob Friedman and Arlene Portney
Sophia Motai, violin 16 Alpine, NJ
Student of Elizabeth Faidley and James Millar
Bibo Feng, piano 17 Irvine, CA
Student of Joan Lai
Chloe Metz, violin 17 Great Neck, NY
Student of Roslyn Huang
Curtis Kim, piano 17 Santa Clarita, CA
Student of Lee Yun Hee
Guang Zeng, violin 17 Shenzhen, China
Student of Li Chun
Perry Yam, piano 17 New York, NY
Student of Mason G. Senft
Rachelle Huh, violin 17 Demarest, NJ
Student of EuJeong Lee
Trini Leung, piano 17 Fremont, CA
Student of Fonny Chandra
Ye-Dam Kim, cello 18 Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Student of Miyoung Woo
Peng Wu, voice 20 Arcdia, CA
Student of Jia Shuangfei and Pan Shiming
Tzu Hsuan Yang, voice 24 Normal, IL
Josué Berrocal Salas, Marimba 25 Costa Rica
Student of Ludwig Albert and Bismarck Fernádez
Second Place Winners
Hailey Chan, piano 5 San Jose, Costa Rica
Student of Valentina Tumanova and Tamara Sklioutovski
Elijah Chang, violin 6 Campbell, CA
Student of Theresa Woo
Stella Li, piano 6 Rockville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Nikolai Nyagolov, piano 8 Edmonton, Canada
Student of Dr. Yoana Kyurkchieva
Ray Tang, piano 9 Wading River, NY
Student of Rowena Arrieta
Serena Wu, piano 9 Solon, OH
Student of Xiaoling Anderson
Danielle Carr, piano 10 Lewes, DE
Student of Bonnie Kellert
Mariia Gasiuk, piano 10 Kyiv, Ukraine
Student of Inna Goncharova
Run He (Kelly) Deng, piano 10 Shanghai, China
Student of Wang Jue
Isaac Hwang, violin 12 Gilroy, CA
Student of Victoria Morton
Lauren Liu, piano 12 Saratoga, CA
Student of Nataly Gingis
Marcus Yeung, piano 12 Wilmette, IL
Student of Sueanne Metz
Selena Wang, piano 12 Suwanee, GA
Student of Frances Yao
Trisha Sarma, voice 12 Monmouth Junction, NJ
Raina Bandekar, flute 13 Ambler, PA
Student of Michael Maizels
Aiden Tang, violin 14 Pleasanton, CA
Student of Amy Liu
Emily Tianshi, piano 14 San Diego, CA
Student of Rinna Livshin
Irene Wang, piano 14 Williamsville, NY
Student of Violeta Arakelova
Jimin Jun, violin 14 Syosset, NY
Student of Roslyn Huang
Shawn Duan, piano 14 Pleasanton, CA
Student of Julia Wang
Vivian Hir, piano 14 Danville, CA
Student of Julia Wang
Amanda Tran, piano 15 San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev
Chi Yu, piano 15 Irvine, CA
Student of Sheve-Hwa Su
Christopher Oh, viola 15 Syosset, NY
Student of Karen Rostron
Ethan Nguyen, piano 15 Haymarket, VA
Student of Haewon Min
Morgan Lee Lee, piano 15 Irvine, CA
Student of Sheve-Hwa Su
Roshita Anandani, piano 15 Scarsdale, NY
Student of Irena Portenko
Clarissa Chan, flute 16 San Ramon, CA
Student of Monica Williams
Hannah Hwang, flute 16 La Crescenta, CA
Student of Yunhee Lee
Jihoon Jun, violin 16 Syosset, NY
Student of Roslyn Huang
Joochan George Koo, violin 16 Wynnewood, PA
Student of Yayoi Numazawa
Michelle Zemlyak, voice 16 San Jose, CA
Student of Simona Snitkovskaya
Nikhilganeesh Varadarajan, violin 16 Cary, NC
Student of Shelley Livingston
Aining Liang, guzheng 17 Whitby, Canada
Student of Julian Smerdon
Shannon Liu, dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) 17 San Jose, CA
Student of Jun Gao
Daniel Yadegar, voice 18 Encino, CA
Student of Dr. Joel Ewing
Ankita Goswami Goswami, voice 23 Hamilton Township, NJ
Piano Duo/Four Hands:
Lauren Chen 10 San Diego, CA
Katelyn Chen 12 San Diego, CA
Students of Tatiana Stignev
Piano Duo/Four Hands:
Adam Pascual 16 White Plains, NY
Nick Vlasto 12 Rye, NY
Students of Dr. Irena Portenko
Piano Duo/Four Hands:
Ryan Luo 13 Erie, CO
Jenny Zhang 13 Louisville, CO
Students of Ling Yu McLoughlin
Piano Duo:
Tony Feng, violin 15 Chapel Hill, NC
Yue-Bo (Ben) Jia, piano 15 Chapel Hill, NC
Students of Jinglong Zhang and Dr. Tatiana Gutnik
Piano Duo/Four Hands:
Adam Pascual 16 White Plains, NY
Jack Silvers 15 Scarsdale, NY
Students of Dr. Irena Portenko
Third Place Winners
Victory Brinker, voice 6 Latrobe, PA
Student of Desirée Soteres
Alexander Wang, piano 7 Johns Creek, GA
Student of Frances Yao
Clara Jean Lim, violin 8 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Student of Su Tzu-Yuan
Kelly Gallagher, piano 8 Singapore
Student of Rosy Chua
Gasmine Wan Zheng Ka, piano 9 Singapore
Student of Rosy Chua and Diana Konggidinata
Chloe Song, piano 10 Singapore
Student of  Christine Gan
Keena Gallagher, piano 10 Singapore
Student of Rosy Chua
Masanaga Marc Seno Seno, violin 10 Cupertino, CA
Student of Po Wei Lai
Jae Lin Lee, piano 11 Morgantown, WV
Student of Youngju, Lee
Jonathan Lin, violin 11 Olmsted Township, OH
Student of Laura Simna
Mikayla Berestecki, violin 11 Manhasset, NY
Student of Roslyn Huang and David Gale
Sophia Somers, violin 11 Plymouth Meeting, PA
Student of Larisa Odlyvanska
Zoe Rowe, voice 11 Singapore
Student of Natalia Kumkova
Yehong Jiang, voice 11 Los Altos, CA
Neola Low, violin 12 Manhasset, NY
Student of Roslyn Haung and David Gale
Jessie Lee, violin 13 Great Neck, NY
Student of Roslyn Huang
Olivia Sheng, piano 13 Irvine, CA
Student of Sheve-Hwa Su
Robin Yeh, piano 13 Irvine, CA
Student of Sheve Hwa Wu
Twisha Subramanyam, piano 13 Morgantown , WV
Student of Juliana Yap
Christopher Fonseca, piano 14 Weston, FL
Student of Yvette Greene
Daniel Liu, piano 14 Champaign, IL
Student of Margaret Escobar
Sua Shin, piano 14 Los Angeles, CA
Student of Yun Hee Lee
Albert Chen, piano 15 Hinsdale, IL
Student of Sueanne Metz
Alkrena Gjeli, violin 15 Philadelphia, PA
Student of Larysa Odlyvanska
Eden Yeh, piano 15 Irvine, CA
Student of Sheve Hwa Wu
Jennifer Xu, violin 15 Bethany, CT
Student of Shan Jiang
Yash Vij, piano 15 Union City, CA
Student of Helen Lee
Amy Moon, violin 16 Chino Hills, CA
Student of Woo Kwang Jae
Kushal Boggavarapu, piano 16 Suwanee, GA
Student of Min Yeong
Patrick Akarapimand, piano 16 Hacienda Heights, CA
Student of Aleksei Takenouchi
Vincent Lin, violin 16 Olmsted Township, OH
Student of Laura Simna
Charles Tang, piano 17 Morganville, NJ
Student of Asuza Komiyama
Elya Lavi, piano 17 Scarsdale, NY
Student of Peggy Reich
Yuxiao Jiang, piano 17 Alpharetta, GA
Student of Feng Liu
Lan Jefferies, piano 63 Dallas, TX
Student of Dr. Jose Pablo Quesada
Flute Duo:
Raina Bandekar 13 Ambler, PA
Jianna Kim 11 Blue Bell, PA
Students of Michael Maizels

Honorable Mention Winners will be notified of their standing via email.



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