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International Music Talent Competition Fall 2018

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition is opened to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition. This fall International Music Talent Competition attracted applicants from across the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, China, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Republic of Georgia and Singapore.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.

Winners will perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City on:

 – December 15, 2018, December 23, 2018, March 31, 2019 and April 21, 2019 (Easter).

Judges’ Distinction Award Trophy was granted based on the judges recommendations.


Three qualified judges evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent, their students are not allowed to apply this season.

American Protégé

Music Talent Competition Fall 2018 Results:

Judges’ Distinction (Plaque Trophy) Award Winners

Sonya Moomaw is a third grader from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is seven years old and has been studying cello with Dr. Sarah Kim for four years.  She played her first wedding when she was four years old, and has been invited to perform solo works at cello workshops including the Cincinnati Young Artist Workshop in 2017 and Chicago Suzuki Institute Workshop in 2018. She is the 2018 winner of the Cleveland Cello Society Scholarship Competition’s Elementary Division. In addition to classical music, she also loves playing and listening to bluegrass, and was invited to play bluegrass at the 2018 Appalachian Festival in Cincinnati.
Music TalentJennifer Liu, 15 years old, is a sophomore at Montgomery High School. She started to learn piano at four and she currently studies with Prof. Ingrid Clarfield. Jennifer has won numerous awards from competitions including the “I Got Rhythm” Young Artist Competition, Music-Fest, IMPACT, Hartford international Chopin Competition, Music and Art Festival, Cecillan Club Piano Competition, NJMTA competitions, to name just a few.  She made her concerto debut at the Killian Hall of MIT, and she has performed numerous times at Carnegie Weill Recital Hall and other musical halls. Jennifer is committed to using her music to help the community. She has actively performed for fundraising events and other community outreach programs. Jennifer also plays the guitar, and she enjoys drawing and painting, photography, reading.
First Place Winners
Crystal ZiQi Yu, piano6West Vancouver, Canada
Student of FaFan Xiao
George Yi Han Wang, piano6Vancouver, Canada
Student of Fafan Xiao
Anjali Singh, voice7Claremont, CA
Anson Zhuo Heng Yu, piano7West Vancouver, Canada
Student of FaFan Xiao
Julia Gentry, piano7Newport Beach, CA
Student of Ana Maria Eckstein
Maxwell Brown, violin7Wilmington, DE
Student of Shelley Beard and Andrew Vogts
Sonya Moomaw, cello7Cincinnati, OH
Student of Dr. Sarah Kim
Helen Fang, piano8Singapore
Student of Helen Lin
Jessica Linqin Wang, piano8West Vancouver, Canada
Student of Fafan Xiao
Mia Ye, voice9Owings Mills, MD
Student of ChunFeng Li
William Maeda, violin9Schaumburg, IL
Student of Taka Matsunaga
Alice Malakhov, voice10Richmond Hill, Canada
Student of Elisabeth Pomes
Christie Kim, voice10Ridgewood, NJ
Student of Lara Nie
Sophia Lin, piano10Irvine, CA
Student of Yu Hui Jen
Josephine Kelleher, violin11Chestnut Hill, MA
Student of Fudeko Takahashi
Vera Lin, piano11Fremont, CA
Student of YiFang Wu
Henry Li, piano12Sugar Land, TX
Student of Ding, Qi
Chloe Liao, piano13Pasadena, CA
Student of Yin Yin Huang
Maximilian Belyantsev, piano13North Potomac, MD
Student of Lara Parris
Emily Wu, piano14Virginia Beach, VA
Student of Teresa Falk
Grace Wang, piano14Basking Ridge, NJ
Student of Prof. Ingrid Clarfield
Riley Kong, piano14San Jose, CA
Edric Han, piano15Yorktown, VA
Student of Teresa Compos-Falk
Issa Okamoto, voice15Portland, OR
Student of Hannah Penn
Jennifer Liu, piano15Princeton, NJ
Student of Ingrid Clarfield
Joanna Wang, violin15Scarsdale, NY
Student of Yang Xu
Junah Kim, piano15Fullerton, CA
Student of Hye Kyung Lee
Sung Ho Wui, trumpet15South Pasadena, CA
Student of Ohtae Kwon
Allison Jia, piano16Cupertino, CA
Student of Liang-Yun You
Jue Li, piano16Irvine, CA
Student of Joyce Lee
Lara Hairapetian, piano16Newport Coast, CA
Student of Ana Maria Eckstein
Maria Fernanda Chaves, piano16Alajuela, Costa Rica
Student of Valentina Tumanova
Maxwell Tsao, flute16Diamond Bar, CA
Student of Bolin Pan
Wenqing Zhao, Erhu16Ma An Shan, China
Ana Jgerenaia, voice17Republic of Georgia
Student of Giorgi Lomtadze
Bailey Yang, violin17Bluffton, SC
Student of Na You and Laurel Thomson
Christine Ramirez, violin17Glen Head, NY
Student of Dr. Ann Setzer
Kevin Yiyang Li, voice17Vancouver, Canada
Student of Alex Lim
Lina Kim, violin17Cerritos, CA
Student of Rachel Oh
Anar Valizada, balaban18Baku, Azerbaijan
Student of Ilham Najafov
Jaehan Kim, tenor trombone19Seoul, South Korea
Student of Ohtae Kwon
Kara Cantele, violin25Port Washington, NY
Seungwon Lee, piano25Kearney, NE
Student of Jayoung Hong
Yibing Zhang, piano30Plano, TX
Student of Pamela Mia Paul and Joaquin Achucarro
Zither and Piano Duo:
Annie Tong, Chinese zither16Sunnyvale, CA
Ankie Tong, piano14Sunnyvale, CA
Students of Chiffon Fu and Ling Braun
Piano Duo/Four Hands:
Dylan Gu, piano11Great Neck, NY
Alan Gu, piano13Great Neck, NY
Students of Vivian Fang Liu
Saxophone and Cello Duo:
Jeremy Li, alto saxophone15San Diego, CA
Kevin Wang, cello15San Diego, CA
Students of Luyan Guo
Second Place Winners
Kayla Fang, piano5West Newton, MA
Student of Yidan Guo
Grace Luo, piano7Potomac, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Sophia Chao, piano7North Potomsc, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Chloe Chan, piano8Queens Village, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu
Noelle Hadsall, piano9Santa Barbara, CA
Student of Lana Bodnar
Richard Bodrug, piano9Calgary, Canada
Student of Ekaterina Paniukova
Russell Dlugosz, piano9Frederick, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Tristan Mankovsky, piano9Sterling, VA
Student of Vivian Kwok
Gabriella Rose, voice10Tampa, FL
Student of Olick Glick and Kristi Beinhauer
Shayla Feng, piano10San Jose, CA
Student of Le Yu
Kaitlyn Hong, cello11Pasadena, CA
Student of Ben Hong
Kobe Langen, piano11Newport News, VA
Student of Teresa Compos Falk
Priscilla Meyer, piano/voice/harmonica11Winchester, MA
Student of Rebecca Helm
Yia Yien Kwok, piano11Singapore
Student of Rosy Chua
Caroline Xiong, piano12Fresh Meadows, NY
Student of Vivian Liu
Emma Sun, cello12Potomac, MD
Student of Ning Wang
Grace Sun, piano12San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev
Paige McCubbins, piano12Meridian, ID
Student of Suzanne Winegar Clive
Sharani Bhattacharya, viola12La Canada Flintridge, CA
Student of Michael Larco
Sharon Sun, violin12Wichita, KS
Student of Evgeny Zvonnikov
Ingrid Li, piano13Leawood, KS
Student of Ying-Yu Emily Yeh
Isabelle Baron, piano, voice13Lexington, MA
Student of Rebecca Helm
Alice Zheng, piano14Rockville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Jenny Hu, Chinese zither14Cincinnati, OH
Student of Shuo Feng
Tammy Shen, piano14Fremont, CA
Student of Le Yu
Boris Borissov, piano15Scottsale, AZ
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva
Frank Zhou, piano15Suwanee, GA
Student of Yongxu Ye
Junah Kim, violin15Fullerton, CA
Student of Oh Chul Mi
Qiyang (Rosalinda) Chen, piano15Arcadia, CA
Student of Alexsei Takenouchi
Kira Berman, piano16New York, NY
Student of Yoojung Kim
Elya Lavi, piano17Scarsdale, NY
Student of Leke Salihu
Frank Li, piano17Manvel, TX
Student of Amy Wang
Justin Chiu, piano17Dove Canyon, CA
Student of Joyce Lee
Helen Tran, piano38Temecula, CA
Student of Yiyi Ku and Carol Levin
Karen Salicath Jamali, pianoGreenwich, CT
Piano Duo/Four Hands:
Samuel Fishback, piano13Beaverton,OR
Timothy Fishback, piano14Beaverton,OR
Students of Bella Sheykman
Third Place Winners
Simone Shvarts, violin10Warminster, PA
Student of Larisa Odlyvanska
Kaila Canubas, piano11Rockville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Tyler Turetsky, voice13East Hills, NY
Student of Mason G. Senft and Jenna Giannone
Ayan Nath, tabla14Cupertino, CA
Student of Satish Tare
Erin Kim, piano14Poolesville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Jason Chiu, piano14Dove Canyon, CA
Student of Joyce Lee
Annie Liang16Seaford, VA
Student of Teri Falk
Eshika Aggarwal, piano16Fremont, CA
Student of Helen Lee
Alaina Olaez, piano17Rockville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok
Piano Duo/Four Hands:
Maxwell Yang, piano6Weston, FL
Edward Zhang, piano11Weston, FL
Students of Yvette Greene

Honorable Mention Winners will be notified of their standing via email.


Winners Recital Information

1. Each Winner will perform at one Recital. Recital date and time will be offered to the Winner based on the Competition results.

2. Only ONE piece from the audition repertoire within a time limit will be performed at the Winners Recital.

3. Extra performance time of up to 1 minute can be accepted for the Winners Recital with an additional fee of $100.

4. Only piano accompaniment can be used at the Winners Recital. No acoustic system will be provided.

5. Participants must bring their own piano accompanist. American Protege does not provide piano accompanist, but can recommend one after enrollment into the program.

6. Photo or video recording during the recital is strictly prohibited per the Carnegie Hall policy. A professional photographer will be taking pictures of the performers.

7. The total Recital and Photo Fee for Solo Participants is $400 and includes: admission for participant and piano accompanist (if needed), Recital booklets with all Recital performers’ biographies and photos (for the booklet sample please click here), Certificate, Teacher’s Diploma, four guests’ tickets and 20-30 digital photos taken by professional photographer during participant’s performance on the stage.

8. Recital Fee for Ensemble Members is $230 per Member plus $100 Photo Fee per group. Recital Fee includes admission for Ensemble Member, Recital booklets with all Recital performers’ biographies and photos (for the booklet sample please click here), Certificate, Teacher’s Diploma, four guests’ tickets per Member.

9. Recital and Photo Fees are not refundable.

10. All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations, etc.).

11. Detailed Winners Recital Guidelines will be emailed to the participants.


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