American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Music Talent Competition Spring 2024

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition is open to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.

American Protégé Music Talent Competition Spring 2024 attracted a record number of very competitive applicants from 13 countries, including the United States, Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, India, Moldova, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.



Three qualified judges evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent, their students are not allowed to apply this season.

American Protégé

International Music Talent Competition Spring 2024 Results:

Judges’ Distinction (Trophy) Award Winners

Henry Yao, from California, began piano study at the age of six. He is a distinguished honor student and a dedicated musician. He is passionate about music, enjoys playing piano to express himself. He has participated and performed in multiple regional, national, and international competitions, and has been active in performing at community events and local medical foundations to bring music to the local community. Some of his achievements include first-place winner at 2018-2023 American Protégé Piano and Strings Competitions with Judge’s Distinction for 3 years in a row, first-place winner in Competition of Romantic Music 2019-2022, multiple Outstanding Gold Medalist Awards with scholarships at US Open Music Competition, first place awards at International Music Competition Grand Prize Virtuoso 2021-24, first place awards at 2019-2023 Elite International Music Competition, etc. Henry also excels at academics, with state and national awards in math, science, history, and creative writing.

Alina Cherkasova is a Ukrainian-American opera singer, voice, and piano instructor. Alina is a laureate of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes in European and International vocal competitions in the USA, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Canada, and the United Kingdom. She has been awarded the “World Cultural Diplomacy Award” and the “Best creative people in Ukraine Award.” Alina performs around Europe and the US on famous stages such as The Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Paris Philharmonic, The Odessa Opera House(Ukraine) , The Dnipro Opera House (Ukraine) , Teatro di Olimpico Vicenza (Italy) , Odessa Philharmonic (Ukraine), Teatro Elfo Puccini Milan (Italy). Since March 2021, Alina has worked with the Guardian ad Litem Program in North Carolina Judicial District 19D. She represents abused and neglected children by advocating for their best interests in court. In 2022 Alina established the charitable organization “Music is a Cure.” She provides voice and piano lessons to children from low-income and drug-abused families.


Aaron Chun is an 8-year-old pianist from Orange County, CA who enjoys performing in front of people. Music has been a passion in his life since he laid hands on the keys at the age of 4 with his grandmother. He studies under Dr. Ena Kim from 2022. Throughout his musical journey, he has won 1st place in Barum Music International Piano Competition in 2022, 1st place in the International Association of Professional Music Teacher Competition in 2022, 1st place at Satori Summer Music Festival in 2023, and 1st place in Concordia University Music Competition in 2024. He is currently playing baseball in the AAA division in Little League. He also loves to play soccer and basketball.

Winners by Age Category

NameAgeCity, state, Country
First Place Winners
Brigitte Xie, piano6Ridgefield, CT
Student of Felicia Feng Zhang  
Gloria Wang, piano6San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev  
Karlie Leung, violin6Hong Kong
Student of Jamie Pak  
Charlene Deng, piano7Ontario, CA
Student of Chun Chen Chan  
Evelyn Ye, piano7Fremont, CA
Student of Chloe Xu  
Sophia Gu, piano7San Jose, CA
Student of Julia Kim  
Aaron Chun, piano8Fullerton, CA
Student of Dr. Ena Kim  
Adrian Chan, piano8Garden City, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Olivia Wang, piano8San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev  
Cayden Croswhite, piano9San Jose, CA
Student of Dr. Yu-Chi Tai  
Jocelyn Shen, piano10Cary, NC
Student of Florence Ko  
Joe Yu, cello10Irvine, CA
Student of Zhou Long  
Vanessa Lo, piano10San Ramon, CA
Student of Lena Schuman and I-Ling Chen
Austen Amley, piano11Brooklyn, NY
Student of Tian Song  
Jimin Kang, violin11Irvine, CA
Student of Heesun Choi  
John Patterson, piano11Getzville, NY
Student of Dr. Violeta Arakelova and Alex Bator
Isabel Liu, piano/voice12Tallahassee, FL
Student of Yue Sun  
Madeleine Tran, piano12Wildomar, CA
Student of Yoko Hoshihara  
Maya Brisard, violin12Solana Beach, CA
Melissa Liu, guzheng12San Jose, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
Chloe Xu, piano13Altadena, CA
Student of Jocelyn Chiu  
Claire Guo, piano13Chandler, AZ
Student of Hong Zhu  
Ethan Hwang, violin13Demarest, NJ
Student of Hyun Joon Shin  
Lorenzo Poedijono, violin13Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Finna Kurniawati  
Andrew Wi, Bb clarinet14San Jose, CA
Student of Elaine Chung  
Audrey Fan, piano14Cary, NC
Student of Alice Zhao  
Eric Wang, viola14Laurel, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Harry Chen, violin14Manhasset, NY
Student of Ming Liu  
Jayden Kim, viola14Irvine, CA
Sabina Kulenovic, voice14Carlsbad, CA
Student of Debbie Nicastro  
Sophia Jiang, guzheng14Decatur, GA
Student of Yao Lu  
Carolyn Ren, violin14Danville, CA
Student of Ju-Yi Peng  
Yuxuan “Ryan” Hu, piano14Winnetka, IL
Student of Dr. Soo Young Lee  
Cloris Ye, piano15Pleasanton, CA
Student of Julia Wang  
Emilyn Lee, piano15Irvine, CA
Student of Dr. Emily Hung  
Jason Chien, cello15Mountain View, CA
Student of Kyeong-Hwa Kim  
Jennifer Liu, guzheng15Austin, TX
Student of Jie Wen  
Lucas Liu, violin15Marietta, GA
Student of Willam Pu  
Lydia Kang, clarinet15Corona, CA
Student of Boyeun Suh  
RiHwan Ahn, trumpet15Seoul, South Korea
Student of Soyoung Lee  
Ella Jeon, violin16Pleasanton, CA
Student of Ju-Yi Peng  
Gayathri Bimal, voice16San Jose, CA
Student of MeeRee Kim  
Jasmine Li, violin16Los Angeles, CA
Jason Lee, cello16San Jose, CA
Student of KyeongHwa Kim  
Joseph Song, cello16Grand Rapids, MI
Student of Tina Renshaw  
Victor Zheng, piano16Diamond Bar, CA
Student of Mark Richman  
Esther Park, violin17Lewisville, TX
Student of Nadir Khashimov  
Henry Yao, piano17Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Silvana Sokolov-Grubb  
Jia Yu Chin, violin17Singapore
Student of Zhang Ying  
Matthew Aguirre, piano17Riverside, CA
Student of Yoko Hoshihara  
Vincent Rubio, piano17Indianapolis, IN
Student of Anna Kislitsyna and Ioanna Nikou
Yun-Hsuan Chiang, piano17New York, NY
Student of Hung-Kuan Chen  
Chantal Peng, piano24Halifax, Canada
Ge Ding, piano26Columbus, Ohio
Student of Caroline Hong  
Soyeon Jeon, piano26Jersey City, NJ
Student of Vladimir Valjarevic  
Alina Cherkasova, voice29Laurel, MD
Hyelin Yoo, cello35Carrollton, TX
Student of Nikolan Ruzevic  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Olivia Wang 8San Diego, CA
Ruixuan He 10San Diego, CA
Students of Tatiana Stignev  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Clair He 9Wilmette, IL
Chloe He 12Wilmette, IL
Students of Soo Young Lee  
Piano Quartet/Eight hands:   
Stelly Fong (primo)11Milpitas, CA
Chloe Truong (secondo)10San Jose, CA
Jeremy Chen (terzo)11Cupertino, CA
Sarah Dailey (quarto) 12San Jose, CA
Students of Dorothy Su  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Avery Li 12San Diego, CA
Claire Li 14San Diego, CA
Students of Angela Wu  
Violin Duo:   
Emily Shen 14New York, NY
Hiro Spiller 15Woodside, NY
Students of Jessie Snoke  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Megan Kwok 15Brooklyn, NY
Amelia Kwok 14Brooklyn, NY
Students of Yuka Yoshino  
Strings Duo:  
Johanna Lee, violin17Poway, CA
David Lee, cello15Poway, CA
Students of Hernan Constantino and Chia-Ling Chien
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
William Deng 18Chandler, AZ
Ryan Deng 15Chandler, AZ
Students of Yan Zhang  
Second Place Winners
Lenti Zhou, violin6Mountain View, CA
Student of Qi Sheng  
Alan Wang, flute7Walnut Creek, CA
Student of Monica Williams  
Emily Pease, piano7Medfield, MA
Student of Gulnare Ozdemir  
Joelyn Gao, piano7Solon, OH
Student of XiaoLing Anderson  
Jia Li, piano8Old Westbury, NY
Student of Qi Zhang  
Kyle Do, piano8San Jose, CA
Student of Lidia Kotlova  
Vincent Yue, cello8Bellevue, WA
Student of Yang Lu  
Aaron Fan, piano9Cary, NC
Student of Alice Zhao  
Jacqueline Han, guzheng9Fremont, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
James Lin, cello9Newton Center, MA
Student of Deborah Thompson  
Jamie Li, piano9San Jose, CA
Student of I-Shan Su  
Kaitlyn Chang, cello9Cupertino, CA
Student of Vicky Wang  
Sophia Choi, piano9New York, NY
Student of Sayaka Tanikawa  
Warren Xu, piano9Oakland Gardens, NY
Student of Joyce Ng  
Amber Deng, piano10San Ramon, CA
Student of I-Ling Chen  
Daniel Cho, piano10Lacey, WA
Student of HyeKyeong Hannah Cho  
Matthew Ketryk-Simson, piano10Dover, MA
Student of Gulnare Ozdemir  
Muchen Yao, piano10Fremont, CA
Student of Jiang Zhou  
Aaron Feng, piano11San Ramon, CA
Student of Julia Jia Wang  
Aiden Quan, piano11Leonia, NJ
Student of Boram Choi and Sumi Moon
Andria Han, violin11San jose, CA
Student of Lucy Jang  
Curtis Wong, piano11Mountain View, CA
Student of Klara Frei  
Davin Sung, Broadway/Musical Theatre11Seoul, South Korea
Student of Eugene Kang  
Melissa Qiu, guzheng11Johns Creek, GA
Student of Haiqiong Deng  
Taiki Brant, piano11Mountain View, CA
Student of Nagisa Ariza  
Aubrey Cho, violin12Manhasset, NY
Student of I-Hao Lee  
Helen Luo, violin12Ellicott City, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Kaitong Ma, piano12Davidson, NC
Mary Yang, violin12Ellicott City, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Noah Choi, piano12New York, NY
Student of Sayaka Tanikawa  
Sophia Wu, piano12Austin, TX
Student of Julia Hsiao  
Zhaonan Sun, piano12Beachwood, OH
Student of Vicky Pan  
Alicia Gu, piano13Potomac, MD
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Hannah Chon, piano13Old Westbury, NY
Student of Dr. Sun Ah Choi  
Lena Brant, piano13Mountain View, CA
Student of Nagisa Ariza  
Peggy Shao, viola13Ellicott City, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Shreya Rajeev, voice13San Jose, CA
Student of Bernadette Mondok Keller  
Siyuan Chen, piano
13Dubai, UAE
Student of Stratiya Stratiev  
Anne Takagi, cello14Irvine, CA
Student of Zhou Long  
Bryan Wan, piano14Syosset, NY
Cheng Min Sun, violin14Seoul, South Korea
Student of Yun Hee Han  
Davey Goetz, piano14Glenview, IL
Student of Dr. Soo Young Lee  
Emily Yang, guzheng14San Jose, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
Howard Luo, piano14Glen Allen, VA
Student of Ilona Rectenwald  
Jaeyoon Kim, piano14Palo Alto, CA
Student of Youson Park  
Jessica (Chen) Zhou, piano14Irvine, CA
Julia Wang, piano14Rochester, MN
Student of Horacio Nuguid  
Julien Rinoie, piano14Arcadia, CA
Student of Wen-Ting Huang  
Kandice Elmira Widjaja, piano14Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Seraphine Angelina  
Roger Yao, piano14Fremont, CA
Sebastian Handal, piano14Katy, TX
Student of Jayoung Hong  
Seojin Lee, piano14San Diego, CA
Student of Eunice Ahn  
Elijah Choi, piano15New York, NY
Student of Sayaka Tanikawa  
Emily Jia, piano15Potomac, MD
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Ji In Park, flute15Los Angeles, CA
Student of Grace Shin  
Jindong Sha, violin15Irvine, CA
Student of Jun Zhu  
Kari Fu, piano15Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Student of Jen Chan  
Kevin Teng, viola15Woodstock, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Leehyun (Hayden) Choi, cello15Watertown, CT
Student of Eunkyung Yoo  
Marlena Lambrecht, pedal harp15Herndon, VA
Student of Madeline Jerzenbak  
Nathan Xu, violin15Katy, TX
Student of Yuli Jiang and Si-Yang Lao  
Nia Zagar, violin15Princeton, NJ
Student of Min Sun Kim  
Ryan Deng, piano15Chandler, AZ
Student of Yan Zhang  
Sofia Tedesco, violin15Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Ernest Yen  
Zihao (James) Zhou, violin15Westwood, MA
Student of Julia Lijiong Liao  
Zihe Huang, guzheng15Forest Hills, NY
Student of Changyuan Wang  
Alyona Deb, voice16Los Angeles, CA
Student of Lauren Hayes and Ross Mitchell  
Audrey Tong-Nomoto, violin16Fremont, CA
Student of Ernest Yen  
Caroline Cho, viola16Irvine, CA
Student of Heesun Choi and Jim Kollias  
Danielle Carr, piano16Lewes, DE
Student of Ko-Eun Yi  
Ethan Moon, violin16Ada, MI
Student of Jenny Ro  
Kailash Rueppel, piano16San Francisco, CA
Student of Petra Persolja  
Kelly Ahn, flute16Syosset, NY
Student of Minjung Moon  
Lydia Hong, flute16Syosset, NY
Student of Minjung Moon  
Mia Shujath, piano16Washington, D.C.
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Reshabh Chakrabarty, piano16Frisco, TX
Student of Dr. Wen Ling Chua  
Sanja Jing, piano16Chula Vista, CA
Student of Victoriya Kuzminska and Eleanor Hum
Taya Kim, piano16Kenmore, WA
Student of Elizaveta Gupta  
Timothy Chung, violin16Alameda, CA
Student of James Choi  
Ashley Jisue Hong, violin17Honolulu, HI
Student of Ignace “Iggy” Jang  
Ashlyn Gao, piano17Weston, FL
Student of Yvette Greene  
Kaycee Kim, voice17Draper, UT
Student of Patrick Tatmen  
Lucas Du, piano17Millbrae, CA
Student of Heng Li  
Sarah Winslow, piano17Fayetteville, NC
Student of Anastasia Bryant  
Lynda Chen, piano30Allentown, PA
Guzheng Duo:   
Ada Lu 9Cupertino, CA
Allie Lu7Cupertino, CA
Students of Chiffon Fu  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Antoni Luong 10San Jose, CA
Ariana Luong 8San Jose, CA
Students of Lidia Kotlova  
Trio Del Fuego:  
Aleena Zhang, flute16Princeton, NJ
Eshani Banerjee, flute16Plainsboro, NJ
Eric Sigalov, piano16Princeton, NJ
Students of Dr. Jeb Okubo  
Third Place Winners
Tyler Huang, piano7Syosset, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Yishan Zhang, piano8Mill Creek, WA
Student of Lina Jiang  
Dean Wei, violin9Clarksburg, MD
Student of Jumi Im  
Jeff Lo, violin9San Ramon, CA
Student of Kai-Li Cheng  
Arin Oh, piano10Montgomery, AL
Student of Hae Na Ji  
Madeleine Maddox-Diaz, piano10Edmond, OK
Student of Jennifer Song  
Derrick Chen, piano11Great Neck, NY
Student of Alla Bell  
Dhruvi Mehta, piano11St James, NY
Student of Yani Qian  
Izmira Nurmatova, piano11Bothell, WA
Student of Galyna Galieieva  
Karlyne Li, piano11San Ramon, CA
Student of I-Ling Chen  
Lucas Chang, violin11Cupertino, CA
Student of Ernest Ting-Ta Yen  
Siyona Arora, voice11San Jose, CA
Student of Ruth Gerson  
Yiran Zhang, piano11Fremont, CA
Student of Chloe Xu  
John Joaquin Lim, piano12North Jakarta, Indonesia
Student of Ms Fitri  
Lee Xing Lin Miranda, piano12Singapore
Student of Christine Gan Siew Hui  
Sarai Zayet, piano12San Jose, CA
Student of Petra Persolja  
Vu Hoang Phong, piano12Hochiminh City, Vietnam
Student of Phung Van Duc  
Amber Pimentel, piano13Flower Mound, TX
Student of Timothy Brown  
Campbell Fenn, cello13Corona, CA
Student of Alexander Zhiroff  
Anagha Tariboina, violin14Ellicott City, MD
Aubrey Daniels, piano14Pearland, TX
Student of Eka Tvaladze  
Rachel Tan, piano14Oakland Gardens, NY
Sophia Jin, piano14Manhasset, NY
Student of Fei Ju Bradeen  
Charles Zhong, piano15Foster City, CA
Student of Shu Fang Lee  
Cindy Qin, violin15Ellicott City, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Colette Peng, piano15Wolfville, Canada
Student of Chantal Peng  
Lee Yi Ning Megan, piano15Singapore
Student of Christine Gan Siew Hui  
Olivia Asselin, violin15San Jose, CA
Student of Ernest Yen  
Aaron Kim, viola16San Diego, CA
Student of Chi-Yuan Chen and Eunice Ahn  
Kaden Cho, piano16Brooklyn, NY
Student of Kanae Koshi  
Mutian Gao, piano16Woodinville, WA
Student of Grace Huang  
Sarah Liu, piano16San Diego, CA
Student of Mei Yin  
Valerie Xu, Oboe16Pleasanton, CA
Student of James Moore  
Leia Kim, violin17Ellicott City, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Lily Zhou, violin17Castro Valley, CA
Student of James Choi  
Anna Polkowski, piano18Dyer, IN
Student of Svetlana Belsky  
Joonhyeok Lee, voice18Marion, MA
Student of Dr. Zhou  
Lauren Leon, piano21Riverside, CA 
Student of Yoko Hoshihara  
Flute and Guitar Duo:  
Penelope Chung, flute15Mountain View, CA
Sawyer Chung, guitar13Mountain View, CA
Students of Rayo Furuta  
Piano Duo:   
Dulce Alarcon, piano45Mundleville, Canada
Swan Serna, violin49Mundleville, Canada
Honorable Mention
Rik Deb, piano14Los Angeles, CA
Student of Ross Mitchell  
Aris Buliteanu, piano16Houston, TX
Student of Katya Grinberg  
Isaac Chan, piano16Westwood, MA
Student of Rebecca Helm  

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation



1. Each participant will be notified about the Competition results after the Artistic Director releases the Competition placements. Each Winner will perform at one Recital. Recital date and time will be offered to the Winner based on the Competition results.

2. Only ONE piece from the audition repertoire within a time limit will be performed at the Winners Recital.

3. Extra performance time of up to 1 minute can be accepted for the Winners Recital with an additional fee of $100.

4. Only piano accompaniment can be used at the Winners Recital. Only one grand piano will be available at the Weill Recital Hall. No acoustic system will be provided.

5. Participants must bring their own piano accompanist. American Protégé does not provide piano accompanist, but can recommend one after enrollment into the program.

6. Photo or video recording during the recital is strictly prohibited per the Carnegie Hall policy. A professional photographer will be taking pictures of the performers.

7. Recital and Photo Fees are not refundable.

8. During the COVID-19 Health Crisis, U.S. participants, who are unable to or unwilling to take a risk to travel to NYC for the Recital, may request a Competition Winner’s Package with a non-refundable $300 fee. The Package includes online recognition, Winner’s Certificate, Teacher’s Diploma, four Booklets with biographies and photos, and participation Plaque Trophy. International participants may arrange a Package pickup or request a shipment to the friends or relatives residing in the U.S. We do not mail packages internationally.

9. All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations, etc.).

10. Detailed Winners Recital Guidelines will be emailed to the participants.

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