American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Music Talent Competition Spring 2023

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition is open to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.

Talented musicians applied for this Spring’s Music Talent Competition. They hailed from 10 countries, including different parts of the U.S., Australia, Bermuda, China, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and  Vietnam.



Winners will be offered to perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, or to receive a Winner’s Package by mail.

Star Performer Award, Judges’ Favorite Award Trophy, Judges’ Distinction Award Trophy and other Special Awards may be granted based on the judges recommendations.



Three qualified judges evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent, their students are not allowed to apply this season.

International Music Talent Competition Spring 2023 Results:

Judges’ Distinction (Plaque Trophy) Award Winners

Piano Trio:

Chanul Kim is a clarinetist based in Los Angeles, California, where he currently study with Maestro Yehuda Gilad at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music. Prior to moving to California, he served as Principal Clarinetist with the Indiana University Symphony Orchestra under Arthur Fagen, David Neely, and Thomas Wilkins. His festival highlights include the Sarasota Music Festival, where he served as Principal Clarinetist in the orchestra alongside festival faculty members. He spent the Summer of 2019 at Philadelphia International Music Festival where he studied with Ricardo Morales and was the Grand Prize Winner of the festival-wide Concerto Competition. With the award, he performed with New York Session Symphony in Manhattan. He holds a Master of Music degree from Indiana University. His teachers include Ixi Chen, Principal Second Clarinet of Cincinnati Symphony, and Eli Eban, Former Principal Clarinetist of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hyo Jin Park, an accomplished flutist born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, started studying music at the age of 18. She moved to Boston, USA, to pursue her education at both Walnut Hill School for the Arts and New England Conservatory Preparatory School, studying under Judy Grant, founder of Boston Flute Academy. Hyo Jin went on to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the New England Conservatory, studying under Cynthia Meyers of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Hyo Jin served as the Principal Flutist at Korail Symphony in South Korea before pursuing her Graduate Certificate program at the Thornton School of Music in USC, under the tutelage of Catherine Ransome Karoly, flutist from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Hyo Jin has won numerous awards, including the National Arts Competition and the Seoul National Symphony, and has performed solo with esteemed orchestras such as the Seoul National Orchestra and Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

Jeonghyun Lim is a highly acclaimed Korean solo pianist known for her outstanding musicianship and impressive career achievements. She graduated from Jeonju Art High School and Dankook University with honors and continued her studies at Azusa Pacific University with a scholarship. Jeonghyun has won several prestigious piano competitions and grants, including the Sejong Music Competition, Korea Piano Duo Competition, and Steinway Academy Rising Star Piano Competition. In addition, she competed at the Osaka International Competition in Japan and advanced to the finals and she won first prize at the 2023 American Protege International Piano & Strings Competition in the college students and professional musicians’ category. Jeonghyun has participated in the Montecito International Music Festival and has performed in masterclasses for renowned pianists such as Jean-Yves Thibaubet, Daniel Shapiro, Peter Takacs, and Kristin Merscher. In 2020, Jeonghyun made her LA debut with the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra.

Piano Duo/Four Hands:

Eleven-year-old Julia Mu is from Buffalo, New York. She has been taking piano lessons with Dr. Violeta Arakelova at the Royal Music Academy for five years. She has performed in multiple recitals and received many awards. She has won the first-place award three times at the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition (2020, 2021, 2022), gold award at the Golden Key Music Festival (2021), first-place award at the Rocky Mountain Canada Music Festival (2021), first-place award at the Red Maple Music Competition (2021), first-place award at the Piano Forum International Competition (London, 2021), first-place award at the Stamford Kiwanis Music Festival of Niagara Falls (Canada, 2019), and first-place award at the Imperial Music Festival of New York State (2020, 2021, 2022). She has been selected to perform at the Kleinhans Music Hall (Buffalo, 2020, 2022), the Royal Alberts Music Hall (London, 2022), and Carnegie Hall (New York City, 2022, 2023).

Wenzhang Vazquez is a thirteen-year-old pianist with flying fingers and passion for piano that lead him to perform at the world’s most prestigious concert halls. An 8th grader at City Honors, Wenzhang started his piano journey with Dr. Violeta Arakelova at age 9. He made his debut at Carnegie Hall at age 10. He has won First Place several times in international classical music competitions in North America. Wenzhang was invited to perform a solo at the Royal Albert Hall in London in June, 2023. At age 10, he won the Nazareth College Baroque Piano Competition and successfully completed the college-level course “Introduction to Classical Music” at Yale University. In 2019, Wenzhang sang with the choir at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. A student at the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University, Wenzhang is a member of American Mensa, the largest high IQ society in the world.

Ziqian Liu is seven years old. His parents sent him for his first piano lesson aged five after they realized he could hear a tune and dance to the beat. One year later, he began learning piano with Florence Ko, a pianist who opens Ziqian’s imagination world toward different styles of piano playing. Ziqian has won several prestigious awards in past 2 years. He was the youngest 1st place winner in history in senior I division in the Young Artist Auditions (YAA) 2023. He has also won the 1st place in District Royalty Competition of NC State in 2023. In 2022, he won the Concerto division in the YAA 2022 as the youngest first place winner. He enjoyed his moment in the spotlight and can’t wait to create some more stories through music. Music is a fun experience that he shares with his family.

NameAgeCity, state, Country
First Place Winners
Maximilian Ouyang, piano4Riverside, CT
Student of Felicia Feng Zhang  
Brigitte Xie, piano5Ridgefield, CT
Student of Felicia Feng Zhang  
Camilla Lin, piano5Whitestone, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Adelynn Li, piano6Mountain View, CA
Student of Lena Grozman  
Nathaniel Wang, piano6Epping, Australia
Student of Sam Subasic  
Ziqian Liu, piano7Cary, NC
Student of Florence Ko  
Aiden Pham, piano8Palo Alto, CA
Student of Dr. Dante Lorenzo Dilanni  
Alice Sun, violin8San Ramon, CA
Student of Amy Liu  
August Xiao, piano8Scarsdale, NY
Student of Felicia Feng Zhang  
Bella Sun, piano8Newington, Australia
Student of Natalie Wong  
Caressa Peng, Harp8Castle Hill, Australia
Student of Natalie Wong  
Panitcha Daomukda, piano8Nongpure, Thailand
Student of Dr. Pornphan Banternghansa  
Vanessa Mai, piano9Clarksburg, MD
Student of Du, Pangji  
Brandon Yang, piano10Fremont, CA
Ravelio Prasetya, piano10San Jose, CA
Student of Nataly Gingis  
Evangeline Zhao, piano12San Jose, CA
Student of Nataly Gingis  
Jaehyeok Lee, piano12Tallahassee, FL
Student of Jeesoo Kim  
Julia Gentry, piano12Newport Beach, CA
Student of Ana Maria Eckstein  
Mason Chang, piano12Cupertino, CA
Student of Dante DiIanni  
Steven Chen, piano12San Diego, CA
Student of Rinna Livshin  
Ava Shu, piano13Fremont, CA
Student of Dr. Violeta Arakelova  
Esther Chae, piano13Creskill, NJ
Student of Sohee Hwang  
Kelly Shi, piano13Fremont, CA
Student of Lisa Yasnogorodsky  
Olivia Zeng, piano13Solon, OH
Student of Xiaoling Anderson  
Seunghyun Lee, cello13Seoul, South Korea
Evelyn Gao, piano14Great Neck, NY
Student of Fei Ju Bradeen  
Hongrui Qiu, piano14Tianjin, China
Student of Yunjie Chen  
Liu Jacky Yi Huan, cello14Shenzhen City, China
Student of Liwei Qin  
Luke Seo, violin14Gyunggi-do, South Korea
Student of Eunbi Kang  
Tiara Wang, guzheng14San Jose, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
Aika Oki, violin15Brookline, MA
Allison Zhang, piano15Palatine, IL
Student of Soo Young Lee  
Hannah Kusumo, piano15Irvine, CA
Student of Dr. Emily Hung  
Jeremy Choi, violin15Honolulu, HI
Student of Joan Martin-Doike  
Junnie Niu, guzheng15San Diego, CA
Student of Siyan Zhou  
Kayla Tan, piano15San  Jose, CA
Student of Dr. Dante Lorenzo Dilanni  
Taeseong Shin, piano15Las Vegas, NV
Student of Joanna Fan  
Calix Xia, piano16Bethesda, MD
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Christopher Park, violin16San Jose, CA
Daniel Hon, piano16Walnut, CA
Student of Irina Piliposyan  
Jiayi Shi, piano16Las Vegas, NV
Student of Cindy Lee  
Naomi Jansson, flute16San Jose, CA
Student of Liling Chen  
Sabrina Liu, flute16San Marino, CA
Student of Bolin Pan  
Sophie Tung, violin16Boston, MA
Student of Peter Zazofsky and Jing Wang  
Claire Lee, piano17San Jose, CA
Student of Bukyung Shin  
Gene Chang, piano17San Diego, CA
Student of Sun Yung Cho  
Alyssa Hartman, Alto saxophone18Dublin, OH
Grace Priest, violin18Sarasota, FL
Student of Xiaolin Li  
Matthew Lin, piano18Wantagh, NY
Student of Yuka Yoshino  
SeungHyun Seo, flute26Avon, CT
Yuan Zhu, voice27Redmond, WA
Student of Runwen Zhang  
Yumi Jang, piano29New York, NY
Student of Kyung Kim and Ellen Mack  
Bomi Moon, piano31Jeonju-si, South Korea
Student of Young-shin Kim  
Yiskah Wedekind Lopez, voice and harp32Tuttle, OK
Shinkyu Kim, piano37Seoul, South Korea
Yan Lu, voice42Flushing, NY
Student of Dr. Peng Wu and Prof.Xiaoping Gong
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Julia Mu, piano11East Amherst, NY
Wenzhang Vazquez, piano13Buffalo, NY
Students of Dr. Violeta Arakelova and Deana Kezerashvili
Flute and Guitar Duo:  
Penelope Chung, flute14Mountain View, CA
Student of Rayo Furuta  
Sawyer Chung, guitar12Mountain View, CA
Student of Kevin Ayers  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Jessica Li, piano13Hockessin, DE
Zimo Liu, piano15Hockessin, DE
Students of Le Yu  
Violin Duo:  
Difei Zhu, violin16San Diego, CA
Student of Stanley Wang  
Cayden Shi, violin14San Diego, CA
Student of Xuefeng Wang  
Piano Trio:  
Chanul Kim, clarinet34Los Angeles, CA
Jeonghyun Lim, piano29Los Angeles, CA
Hyo Jin Park, flute28Los Angeles, CA
Students of David Howard  
Second Place Winners
Alan Lu, violin6Pleasanton, CA
Student of Amy Liu  
Melinda Xu, piano6Chino Hills, CA
Student of Chun Chen Chan  
Sophia Gu, piano6San Jose, CA
Student of  Robert and Chaz Fautch  
Ella Lin, piano7Fresh Meadows, NY
Student of Bernice Chan  
Ethan Joon Byeon, Piano7Las Vegas, NV
Student of Cindy Lee  
Joji Lewicki, violin7Reminderville, OH
Student of Koko Watanabe  
Siyu Vivian Pei, violin7Danville, CA
Student of Amy Liu  
Candice Kyan, piano8Dublin, CA
Student of Kaili Cheng  
Gaeun Choi, piano8Katy, TX
Student of Dr. Jayoung Hong  
Ian Shu Ai, cello8Redmond, WA
Student of Dr. Yang Lu  
Olivia Liu, piano8Irvine, CA
Student of Stella Meng  
Sophie Hwang, piano8Claremont, CA
Student of Fei Guo  
Lucas Niu, piano9Chino Hills, CA
Student of Chun Chen Chan  
Pham Quynh Anh Tran, piano9Hanoi, Vietnam
Student of Doan Hoang Khanh Linh  
Derrick Chen, piano10Great Neck, NY
Student of Alla Bell  
Helen Wei, piano10Claremont, CA
Student of Chun Chen Chan  
Rosalina Xue, piano10Upland, CA
Student of Chun Chen Chan  
Shelton Cai, piano10Millbrae, CA
Student of Tammy Lin  
Stelly Fong, piano10Milpitas, CA
Student of Dorothy Su  
Weichen Duan, piano10Beijing, China
Student of Chao Liu  
XinChen Zhou, piano10Beijing, China
Student of Liu Chao  
Anastasia (Stasya) Voronenko, piano11Bethesda, MD
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Benjamin Birnbaum, piano11Stamford, CT
Student of Evelina Puzaite  
Noah Choi, piano11New York, NY
Student of Sayaka Tanikawa  
Sophia Wu, piano11Austin, TX
Student of Julia Hsiao  
Jenny Li, guzheng12Chino Hills, CA
Student of Cookie Zhao  
Ryan Hsieh, cello12Short Hills, NJ
Student of Sofia Nowik  
Sandy Shao, piano12Santa Clara, CA
Student of Dr. Dante Lorenzo Diianni  
Scarlett Dougherty, violin12Dallas, TX
Student of Mia Kelso  
Anthony Somers, violin13Plymouth Meeting, PA
Student of Larisa Odlyvanska  
Bennett Chow, piano13Roswell, GA
Student of Frances Yao  
Isabel Yang, piano13Bothell, WA
Student of Shaoming Greene  
Lars Jimin Han, voice13Dublin, CA
Student of Jennie Byun  
Lijunxi Xie, violin13Shanghai, China
Student of Kun Dong  
Raphael Tao, piano13Blue Bell, PA
Student of Michael Sheadel  
Edric Zhang, piano14Fremont, CA
Student of Le Yu  
Elijah Choi, piano14New York, NY
Student of Sayaka Tanikawa  
Jiacong Yu, piano14Bellevue, WA
Student of Xiaoying  
Ronni Chang, violin14Brookline, MA
Serena Wu, piano14Solon, OH
Student of Xiaoling Anderson  
Simon Fass, piano14Williamsburg, VA
Student of Sharon Stewart  
Sophie Gao, piano14Tucson, AZ
Student of Dr. Svetlana Arakelova  
Ted Ma, violin14Frisco, TX
Student of Mevlan Mecid  
Tiffany Lin, harp14Little Elm, TX
Student of Wen Ling  
Aijia (Emily) Zhang, guzheng15San Jose, CA
Student of Xiaomei Zhu  
Anastasia Kril, piano15Brooklyn, NY
Student of Alena Tsemnova  
Daniel Ding, piano15Los Altos, CA
Student of Irina Sadovnikov  
David Lin, violin15Redmond, WA
Student of Prof. Cristian Neacsu  
Elijah Kao, piano15Sunnivale, CA
Student of Anjela Asryan  
Gary Yang, violin15Getzville, NY
Student of Zi Jun Huang  
Ian Szeto, piano15San Ramon, CA
Student of Liza Yasnogorodskaya  
Isaac Yicong Tan, violin15Singapore
Student of Zhang Ying  
Jaeho Lee, piano15Houston, TX
Student of Jayoung Hong  
Jiaming Zhang, hulusi15Lake Oswego, OR
Lillian Ma, violin15Fremont, CA
Sanja Jing, piano15Chula Vista, CA
Selina Zhang, violin15Sarasota, FL
Student of Sean O’Neil  
Sophie Lu, cello15Chino Hills, CA
Student of Esther Back  
Valerie Liou, Bb clarinet15San Jose, CA
Student of Juliana Tzeng  
Ariana Zhao, guzheng16Sunnivale, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
Cana Fass, piano16Williamsburg, VA
Student of Sharon Stewart  
Chloe Zhong, flute16Weston, MA
Student of Judy Grant  
Erica Qin, viola16Ellicott City, MD
Student of Nina Li  
Gavin Chen, piano16Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Student of Chun-Chen Chan  
Irene Kim, piano16North Potomac, MD
Student of Jeong Eun Park  
James Xue, cello16Dublin, CA
Student of Vicky Wang  
Junyu Qian, piano16San Diego, CA
Student of Hua Wang  
Lucas Du, piano16Millbrae, CA
Student of Heng Li  
Max Ziyao Tian, piano16Beijing, China
Student of Jennifer Wu-Miller  
Sanjna Shah, voice16San Jose, CA
Student of Meere Kim  
Alexis Kwon, flute17San Ramon, CA
Student of Yuna Kim  
Anyan Lyu, guzheng17Austin, TX
Student of JingQun Shao  
Benjamin Amidei, piano17San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev  
Eliza Shaw, violin17Bountiful, UT
Student of Asheley Watabe  
Neola Low, violin17Manhasset, NY
Student of Carol Kushner  
Selina Zhang, cello17London, England
Student of Michal Kaznowski  
Third Place Winners
Adriana Wong, piano7Frisco, TX
Student of Dr. Wen Ling Chua  
Eva Lavallee, piano8New Hartford, NY
Jessie Wang, piano8Beijing, China
Student of Liu Chao  
Erin Cho, piano9New York, NY
Student of Li-Chen Hwang and Viann Yu  
Gisele Chang, violin9Salt Lake City, UT
Student of Asheley Watabe  
Hope Ting, piano9San Ramon, CA
Student of Yingwen Lewis  
Manda Hao, piano9Beijing, China
Student of Liu Chao  
Bjorn Hsiung, Piano10Las Vegas, NV
Student of Cindy Lee  
LiQian Audrey Zhang, paino10Beijing, China
Student of Liu Chao  
Alma Pinzon, Trombone11Coral Gables, FL
Student of José Enrique García  
Clement Leung, voice11Hong Kong
Student of Jeffie Leung  
Jake Roush, piano11Westfield, NJ
Student of Nancy Modell  
Zoe Ishaque, violin11Allen, Texas
Student of Ronald Houston  
WenXuan Xian, piano12Beijing, China
Student of Liu Chao  
YiChen Zhou, piano12Beijing, China
Student of Liu Chao  
HaDa Hao, piano13Beijing, China
Student of Liu Chao  
Lila Peoples, harp13Richmond, VA
Student of Trey Nunnally and Lynelle Ediger  
Roger Yao, piano13Fremont, CA
Student of Chloe Xu  
Justin Li, piano14Bellevue, WA
Student of Xiaoying Tan  
Michael Kim, piano14San Ramon, CA
Student of Junghee Park and Joanne Kim  
Nathaniel Berman, guitar14New York, NY
Student of Hanan Harchol  
Wen Yu Tan, cello14Singapore
Student of Natasha Liu  
Benjamin Yang, piano15Manhasset, NY
Student of Fei Ju Bradeen  
Benoit Pelchat, voice15Moraga, CA
Student of Min-Sheng Yang  
Gavin Chen, piano15Irvine, CA
Student of Emily Hung  
Leela Rajagopal, piano15Berwyn, PA
Student of Michael Sheadel  
Miaomiao Yu, piano15San Jose, CA
Student of Kuei Kuan Chen  
Alicia Peng, voice16Fremont, CA
Student of Fang Hong  
Benjamin Klick, piano16Penn Valley, PA
Student of Dr. Michael Sheadel  
Jonathan Lin, piano16Little Elm, TX
Student of Wen Ling  
Armaan Dev, piano17Sterling Heights, MI
Student of Vanessa Schwarz  
Krishna Nathan, piano17Cupertino, CA
Student of Susan Chiu  
Siyi Xu, piano17Ashburnham, MA
Student of Emily Huang  
Constance Ridley-Smith, piano Smith’s Parish, Bermuda
Student of Rebecca Carda-Leigh and Patrick Kreeger
Honorable Mention
Anthony Jin, piano8Irvine, CA
Student of Stella Meng  
Ethan Lavallee, violin10New Hartford, NY
Emma Zhang, cello12Sarasota, FL
Student of Kai Chen  
Genevieve Chang, violin12Salt Lake City, UT
Student of Asheley Watabe  
Haowen Yu, cello14Issaquah, WA
Student of Kai Chen  
Diya Sreedhar, viola16Irvine, CA
Student of Dr. Yoichiro Etsuki  

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation



1. Each participant will be notified about the Competition results after the Chairwoman releases the Competition placements. Each Winner will perform at one Recital. Recital date and time will be offered to the Winner based on the Competition results.

2. Only ONE piece from the audition repertoire within a time limit will be performed at the Winners Recital.

3. Extra performance time of up to 1 minute can be accepted for the Winners Recital with an additional fee of $100.

4. Only piano accompaniment can be used at the Winners Recital. Only one grand piano will be available at the Weill Recital Hall. No acoustic system will be provided.

5. Participants must bring their own piano accompanist. American Protégé does not provide piano accompanist, but can recommend one after enrollment into the program.

6. Photo or video recording during the recital is strictly prohibited per the Carnegie Hall policy. A professional photographer will be taking pictures of the performers.

7. Recital and Photo Fees are not refundable.

8. During the COVID-19 Health Crisis, U.S. participants, who are unable to or unwilling to take a risk to travel to NYC for the Recital, may request a Competition Winner’s Package with a non-refundable $300 fee. The Package includes online recognition, Winner’s Certificate, Teacher’s Diploma, four Booklets with biographies and photos, and participation Plaque Trophy. International participants may arrange a Package pickup or request a shipment to the friends or relative residing in the U.S. We do not mail packages internationally.

9. All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations, etc.).

10. Detailed Winners Recital Guidelines will be emailed to the participants.

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