American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Music Talent Competition Spring 2021

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition is open to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.

Talented musicians applied for this Spring’s Music Talent Competition. They hailed from 12 countries, including different parts of the U.S., Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.



Winners will be offered to perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, or to receive a Winner’s Package by mail.

Star Performer Award, Judges’ Favorite Award Trophy, Judges’ Distinction Award Trophy and other Special Awards may be granted based on the judges recommendations.



Three qualified judges evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent, their students are not allowed to apply this season.

International Music Talent Competition Spring 2021 Results:

Scholarship Award Winner

Carnegie Hall Piano Competitions

Jonathan Paul Cambry is an American classical pianist, teacher, composer and producer from Chicago, Illinois. He has performed at multiple locations around the world, most notably the Chicago Symphony Center as a part of the 2012 Chicago Piano Day curated by concert pianist and Grammy-winning Soviet-born naturalized American classical pianist, Emanuel Ax. Pianists at this festival included world-renowned pianists Jorge Federico Osorio, Jeremy Denk, Reginald Robinson, Marc-André Hamelin, Orli Shaham, Valentina Lisitsa, Bill Charlap, Renee Rosnes and others. Cambry is also the founder of the American Chamber Opera, a Chamber opera in the United States which performs famous operatic works in English and has been featured on NBC and WGN networks in Chicago. Jonathan Cambry is a graduate of the University of Chicago Laboratory High Schools, class of 2000. In 2012, he performed at all the locations in the Memorial Day Weekend Keys to the City Piano Festival, that was created by the City of Chicago.

Judges’ Distinction (Plaque Trophy) Award Winner

Carnegie Hall Piano Competitions

Jade Holt has been playing piano since age 5, and has enjoyed playing for others from the moment she touched her first key. Although she only recently expressed interest in playing in competitions, she achieved first place in Crescendo International in late 2020. A perfectionist at heart, Jade will often replay music even after mastering the technical aspects, as she then wants to add her “heart” into the piece. One of her most endearing qualities is her love for creating lyrics for any piece she learns – often silly, but sometimes endearing and filled with her own emotional connection with the music. In this way, Jade experiences her music on a deeply personal level that she expressed through her performance.

NameAgeCity, state, Country
First Place Winners
Brigitte Xie, piano3Ridgefield, CT
Student of Felicia Zhang  
Marilyn Cheng, piano6Bayside, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Valerie Libby Kojongian, violin7Singapore
Student of Annie Lee  
Jade Holt, piano8Tulsa, OK
Student of Tatyana Lantos  
Olivia Ling Lim, piano8Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Student of Joanna Chin Pak Kaan and Pok Chee Hong  
Alexander Liu, piano9Yorktown Heights, NY
Student of Diyi Tang  
Chloe Cheng, piano10Bayside, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Ivarine Kanthamanond, Traditional Instrument10Bangkok, Thailand
Student of Kammathep Theeralertrat  
Kingsley Din, piano10Flushing, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Kreea Chakraborty, voice10Hahira, GA
Student of Marti Schert  
Abigail Kwon, violin11New York, NY
Student of Dr. Ye-Jin Han  
Evangeline Lien, viola11La Verne, CA
Student of Chu Ping Lin  
Jayne You, piano11Los Angeles, CA
Mia Arima, violin11New York, NY
Student of Chloe Kiffer  
Samuel Meyer Buch, piano11Sherman Oaks,  CA
Student of Rita Shen  
Alexander Vivero, piano12Guadalajara, Mexico
Student of Joel N Juan Qui  
Brianna Tang, Saxophone12Staten Island, NY
Student of Lukas Gabric and Jason Luft  
Hayden Park, piano12Irvine, CA
Student of Kang, Young Sook  
Alana Chiang, piano14Princeton, NJ
Student of Helen Huang  
Eujeong Choi, cello14Niskayuna, NY
Student of Dr. David Bebe  
Tiffany Tsui, violin14New York, NY
Student of Nurit Pacht  
Eric Zhai, piano15Belmont, CA
Student of Olga Persits  
Ethan Shin, cello15San Ramon, CA
Student of Jehah Han  
Ian Zhang, piano15Chester, NJ
Student of Richard Hendrickson  
Julianna Owyang, Harp15Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Linda Wood Rollo  
Katherine Shi, piano15Scottsdale, AZ
Student of Hong Zhu  
Julia Huang, piano16Northville, MI
Student of Arthur Greene  
Zhenjie (Jack) He, voice16Vancouver, Canada
Student of Janette Lim  
Aiai Calmer, Guzheng/Zither17Highland, MD
Student of Bing Xia  
Jared Weissberg, cello17Tustin, CA
Student of Esther Back  
Matthew Bailey, cello17San Jose, CA
Student of Kyeong Hwa Kim  
Jonathan Cambry, piano38Chicago, IL
Mary Beth Orr, Horn40Howard City, MI
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Justin Meng6East Amherst, NY
Vivienne Liu6Amherst, NY
Students of Dr. Violeta Arakelova and Diana Kezerashvili  
RMA Piano quintet:  
Erika Lyu10Buffalo, NY
Haolin Jin8East Amherst, NY
Aria Liang8Williamsville , NY
Christine Li9Williamsville, NY
Wenlee Vazquez7Buffalo, NY
Students of Diana Kezerashvili and Alexander Bator  
Strings Sextet:  
Ethan Guo, Guzheng15San Diego, CA
Brandon Diep, cello14San Diego, CA
Ethan Diep, cello16San Diego, CA
Anthony Jiang, cello15Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Claire Jiang, cello17Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Lily Guo, cello12San Diego, CA
Students of Lu-Yan Guo  
Second Place Winners
Ananda María Domínguez Kesselman, flute6Cherry Hill, NJ
Student of Prema Kesselman  
Caleb Ding, piano6Durham, NC
Student of Florence Ko  
Anran Liang, violin7Singapore
Student of Elza Nartadjieva  
Isaiah Shin, violin7Bronxville, NY
Student of Jung Won Yoon  
Rossini lu, piano8Little Neck, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Shiori Mikami, violin8Houston, TX
Student of Dr. Jingwen Xu  
William Yan, violin8Foothill Ranch, CA
Student of Wendy Castille  
Lucas, Jun Kai Liow, cello9Singapore
Student of Natasha Liu  
Shengshan Tang, piano9Champaign, IL
Student of Du Peng  
William Foon, voice9Orinda, CA
Student of Leslie Noel  
Akash Lokesh, piano10Aurora, OH
Student of Cynthia Crotty  
April Guo, piano11Sugar Land, TX
Student of Zhili Zhao  
Olivia Zeng, piano11Solon, OH
Student of Xiaoling Anderson  
Ziyao Guan, piano11Whitestone, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Shannon Yu, piano12Cupertino, CA
Student of Tatiana Romanovsky  
Shinjian Song, piano12Champaign, IL
Student of Peng Du Krol  
Yan Qi Ong, violin12Singapore
Student of Edward Tan  
Arjun Lokesh, piano13Aurora, OH
Student of Cynthia Crotty  
Malachi Balakrishnan, piano13Katy, TX
Student of Krume Andreevski  
Astra Phoon, piano14Teaneck, NJ
Student of Michael Thomopoulos  
Hannah Biggins, cello14Los Angeles, CA
Student of Grace Shin  
Louis Son, piano14Los Angeles, CA
Student of Connie Nam and Grace Shin  
Christian Kang, violin15Porter Ranch, CA
Student of Tracey Kim and Grace Shin  
Haoqing Ye, piano15Danville, CA
Student of Yingwen Lewis  
Henry Idone, cello15Ridgefield, CT
Student of Dr. Chungsun Kim  
Kate Chu, violin15El Sobrante, CA
Student of Heghine Boloyan  
Katrina Lam, piano15Richardson, TX
Student of Jin Ah Kwon  
Logan Yuan, piano15Avon, CT
Student of Pihsun Shih  
Adi Kalahasti, Mridangam (South Indian Drum)16Solon, OH
Student of KV Gopalakrishnan  
Aditi Dangi, piano16Austin, TX
Student of Julia Hsiao  
Caitilyn Yu, piano16Monrovia, CA
Student of Lily Chen  
Davis Clark, piano16Vancouver, Canada
Student of Corey Hamm  
Annika Vallabhanath, cello17Portland, OR
Student of Hyun-jin Kim  
Ethan Lee, violin17Norwood, NJ
Student of Sun Young Lee  
Arjun Yogaratnam, piano18Frisco, TX
Student of Dr. Wen Ling Chua  
Aryanna Holmes, violin18North Salt Lake, UT
Student of Eugene Watanabe  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Ilya Khazhinsky7Austin, TX
Victoria Khazhinsky12Austin, TX
Students of Julia Hsiao  
Piano Trio/Six Hands:  
Wenzhang Vazquez11Buffalo, NY
Student of Dr. Violeta Arakelova  
Hoor Siddiqui11Getzville, NY
Student of Alexander Bator and Diana Kezerashvili  
Kristina Kirakosyan12Clarence Center, NY
Student of Dr. Violeta Arakelova  
Piano Trio/Six Hands:  
Sarah Cho15Silver Spring, MD
Ella Phillippy15Boyds, MD
Danielle Lee17Rockville, MD
Students of Dr. JeongEun Park Kang  
Flute and Harp Duo:  
Ivy Liang, flute17Rockville, MD
Student of Leah Arsenault Barrick  
Lauren Swain, Harp18Needmore, PA
Student of Carol McClure  
Voice and Flute Duo:  
Hillary LaBonte, voice34Chesterfield, MI
Mary Matthews, flute  
Third Place Winners
Camellia Thng, violin6Singapore
Student of Yap Shu Mei  
Grace Joy Chee, cello6Singapore
Student of Natasha Liu  
Kaspar Ching, cello7Singapore
Student of Natasha Liu  
Timothy Lau, piano8Waltham, MA
Student of Yuan Peng  
Andrew Xu, piano9San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev  
Ji-yeon Shin, violin9Bronxville, NY
Student of Jung Won Yoon  
Lucy Wang, piano9San Ramon, CA
Student of Yingwen Lewis  
Mustafa Khalafov, piano9Baku, Azerbaijan
Student of Elnara Djamalova  
Yunseo Ha, violin9Busan, South Korea
Student of Haeri Na  
Annaleigh Eve Ng, Vocal10Singapore
Student of Steven Ang  
Austin Cai, piano10New York, NY
Student of Vivian Vivian Fang Liu liu  
Anthony Pan, piano11Mansfield Center, CT
Student of Sima Brodsky  
Garam Kim, violin11Busan, South Korea
Student of Haeri Na  
Christiana Nhu Nguyen, violin12Irvine, CA
Student of Viola You  
Keira Chang, viola12San Jose, CA
Student of Jennifer Tzeng  
Mahati Geetla, piano12Austin, TX
Student of Julia Hsiao  
Matthew Atticus Tan, violin12Singapore
Student of Odesa Tay  
Ryan Zhao, piano12San Ramon, CA
Student of Yingwen Lewis  
Sierra Silverstein, piano12New York, NY
Student of Vivian Choi  
David (Chehui) Lin, violin13Redmond, WA
Student of Prof. Cristian Neacsu  
Michael Ovcharenko, piano13Potomac, MD
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Ryan Kim, piano13Cupertino, CA
Student of Jaclyn Kim  
Anoushka Pandit, piano14Dublin, CA
Student of Sofia Biktimir  
Calix Xia, piano14Bethesda, MD
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Daniel Zhao, cello14Pasadena, CA
Student of Ling Yan  
Emma Qiu, piano14Sugar Land, TX
Student of Yan Shen  
Alice Liu, violin15Downingtown, PA
Student of Jessie Jin  
Angela Wang, piano15Sugar Land, TX
Student of Zhulinzi Wen  
Fiorella Coto, piano16San Jose, Costa Rica
Student of Fernando Meléndez and Carmen Méndez  
Kyle Cheng, viola16Syosset, NY
Student of Laura Broverman  
Mehana Ellis, piano16Palo Alto, CA
Student of Annamarie McCarthy  
Varun Malhotra, piano16Danville, CA
Student of Yingwen Lewis  
Honorable Mention Winners
Victoria Wang, piano7Potomac, MD
Student of Aglaia Koras  
Anjali Nadig, violin8Beaverton, OR
Student of Angelika Furtwangler  
Isha Nadig, violin8Beaverton, OR
Student of Angelika Furtwangler  
Justin Yang, piano8Austin, TX
Student of Julia Hsiao  

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation


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