American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Music Talent Competition Fall 2022

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition is open to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.

American Protégé Music Talent Competition Fall 2022 attracted a record number of very competitive applicants from 11 countries, including the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand.



Winners will be offered to perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, or to receive a Winner’s Package by mail.

Star Performer Award, Judges’ Favorite Award Trophy, Judges’ Distinction Award Trophy and other Special Awards may be granted based on the judges recommendations.



Three qualified judges evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent, their students are not allowed to apply this season.

American Protégé

International Music Talent Competition Fall 2022 Results:

Judges’ Distinction (Plaque Trophy) Award Winners

Jianyu “Julia” Wang is a senior at Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts. She started learning opera with Chiuli Wang, a professor of Voice and Opera at The Central Academy of Drama of China, at the age of 12. In 2016, she received 1st Prize at the International Festival of Children and Youth Arts (Mezinárodní Festival Umêní Mládeže) in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2018, she received 1st Prize at the 19th Beijing Students Arts Festival. Julia was then invited to perform at the 2019 Changchun Summer Music Festival. In 2020, she won 2nd place in the Concurso Internacional De Música La Estrella de Oro Chinese Región Final. In the proceeding year, she received the Honor Prize of 2021 Concurso Internacional De Música La Estrella de Oro. Besides singing opera, Julia, combining contemporary music with her operatic voice, also composes and arranges her own songs of different music genres—experimental, rock, and blues.

Yubo Wang, winner

Yubo Wang is a ten years old and are currently taking 5th grade in elementary. He is originally from China, Yunnan, and moved to Pasadena, Los Angeles, 3 years ago. James is very passionate about music, especially in singing and piano. He has been practicing singing for more than 3 years. In all the songs James specifically loves aria the most because it can utterly bring out his strength and vocal skills. He can even manage to sing the Italian aria like ‘o sole mio. He joined “Cultures of China Water Cube Cup” and won the third place. He is also interested in popular song and classical music. James’ biggest dream is to be a professional singer one day.

True El Deeb is 9 years old and a primary three student.  True showed a passion for Singing since the age of five.    She successfully auditioned and joined the Voices of Singapore (VOS) choir in late 2019. This was abruptly interrupted by the pandemic in early 2020.  With restrictions relaxed in March 2022; True restarted her journey singing with VOS and participated in their inaugural public performances at the Capital Theater.  In July she was selected for the official recording of Singapore’s National Anthem; later gave her first solo vocal performance at the Singapore Conference Hall.  In August from 800 applicants, she was one of 29 finalists for the NYC Sound of Music production in Singapore for the role of Louisa. August 28 she was back on stage as Louisa Van Trap at the Esplanade Theatre. In September she participated as a solo vocalist at the Voices of Singapore Festival.

Kimber Wu started to learn violin with Amy Liu at age of 4 and fell in love with it. She has won several national and international competitions since she was 5. She was selected to Camerata Orchestra – Golden State Youth Orchestra at age of 6. She loves playing violin, reading, ballet dancing, and playing table tennis.

Serena Yen Ming Chao, age 5, is a K3 student studying in the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. She started playing violin at the age of 4 and is currently studying with Ms. Hyejin Chung at Takako Nishizaki Violin Studio. Serena won First Place at the International Youth Music Competition Spring Music Festival 2022 Violin aged 5 or under and performed at Winners’ Recital at the Hong Kong Space Museum in July 2022. Serena also won Strings Children Junior Second Place from the 7th Hong Kong Talent Music Competition 2022. Serena earned ABRSM Grade 3 Violin certificate with Distinction. She participated in the Child Development Matching Fund Christmas charity concert in December 2021, sharing her love and passion for music in our community. Aside from playing music, Serena enjoys drawing, playing soccer and spending time with her sisters.

NameAgeCity, State, Country
First Place Winners
Serena Yen Ming Chao, violin5Hong Kong
Student of Hyejin Chung  
Chelsea Chen, piano6Menlo Park, CA
Student of Zhiyu Xu  
Diana Gao, piano6Ontario, CA
Student of Dmitry Rachmanov  
Ella Legasto, piano6New York, NY
Kimber Wu, violin6Pleasanton, CA
Student of Amy Liu  
Tiffany Chen, piano6Savoy, IL
Student of Tatiana Shustova  
Alice Chen, piano7Flushing, NY
Student of Bernice Chan  
Keisha DSouza, voice7Singapore
Student of Tr Paulo  
Eunice Yeung, violin9Hayward, CA
Student of Amy Liu  
 True El Deeb, voice9Singapore
Student of Melody Nodado  
Alexandria Shieh, piano10Medina, WA
Student of Nancy Kim  
Peihan Francesca He, violin10Cambridge, Great Britain
Yubo Wang, voice10Pasadena, CA
Student of Suhua Ni  
Julia Mu, piano11East Amherst, NY
Student of Violeta Arakelova and Diana Kezerashvili
Lucy Wang, piano11San Ramon, CA
Student of Yingwen Lewis  
Puri Puengpipattrakul, piano11Hang Dong, Thailand
Student of Dr. Pornphan Banternghansa and Remi Namtep
Amelia Kwok, piano12Brooklyn, NY
Student of Yuka Yoshino  
Bojun Yang, guzheng12Cupertino, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
Oi Yee Roselyn Siu, violin12Hong Kong
Student of Hyejin Chung  
Guo Ru, violin13Turramurra, Australia
Student of Kimberly Fisher  
Jumpei Morita, cello13New York, NY
Student of Anna Kusakabe  
Karen Kobayashi, flute13Palatine, IL
Student of Hideko Amano  
B. Andrew Lee, violin14Johns Creek, GA
Student of Nadir Khashimov  
Jasmine Sung Yee Siu, violin14Hong Kong
Student of Hyejin Chung  
Alexander Lee, piano15Bethesda, MD
Student of Dr. Valerica Maican  
Ciel Yasukawa, piano15Naples, FL
Student of Malda Kiri  
Raymond Tangning Zhang, piano15Burnaby, Canada
Student of Leo Zhenyu, Liu  
David Hsieh, marimba16Cupertino, CA
Student of Tammy Chen and Anthony Cirone
Francesca Ricciarini, voice16Bronxville, NY
Student of Sun Young Chang and Mary Marcel
Kate Kim, violin16Marietta, GA
Student of Nadir Khashimov  
Maya Brown, voice16Delray Beach, FL
Student of Daniel Bates  
Dylan Khangsar, marimba17Lewisville, TX
Student of Dr. Adam Davis  
Max Tao, cello17San Diego, CA
Student of Yao Zhao  
Yaqi Li, piano17Chapel Hill, NC
Student of Florence Ko  
Jianyu Wang, voice18Milton, MA
Student of Chiuli Wang  
Joy Tan, flute20Livingston, NJ
Student of Judith Mendenhall  
Sojeong Kim, oboe27Boston, MA
Student of John Ferrillo  
Alina Cherkasova, voice28Aberdeen, NC
Laura Farré Rozada, piano31Barcelona, Spain
Malou Beauvoir, voice59Brussels, Belgium
Student of Chris Dilley and Carmen Cancel  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Bryant Li, piano8Amherst, NY
Emma Zhou, piano9Amherst, NY
Students of Violeta Arakelova and Diana Kezerashvili
Piano Trio/Six Hands:  
Eric Zhang, piano13Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Andrew Xu, piano10San Diego, CA
Ethan Hu, piano11San Diego, CA
Students of Tatiana Stignev  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Olivia Xia, piano13San Diego, CA
Olina Xia, piano14San Diego, CA
Students of Tatiana Stignev  
String Sextet:  
Lilian Zeng, cello14San Diego, CA
Aria Hajali, cello14Poway, CA
Ethan Diep, cello17San Diego, CA
Brandon Diep, cello15San Diego, CA
Lucy Mandegar, violin16Poway, CA
Joy Shen, cello12Poway, CA
Students of Lu-Yan Guo  
Second Place Winners
Bryant Lin, piano6Manhasset, NY
Student of Yoojung Kim  
Juliette Leong, violin6Sparks, NV
Student of Danielle Charboneau  
Bethany Zhang, piano7Los Angeles, CA
Student of Natalia Kartashova  
Ethan Lu, piano7Los Angeles, CA
Student of Natalia Kartashova  
Jiahong Lin, piano7Cypress, TX
Student of Yan Shen  
Angie Hu, piano8Los Angeles, CA
Student of Natalia Kartashova  
Ethan Yin, cello8Wayne, PA
Student of Lily Eckman  
Edison Gong, piano9Lubbock, TX
Student of Hye-Gyung Ji  
Huiyi Ho, pipa9Issaquah, WA
Student of Carrie Wang  
Isabelle Qin, piano9Saratoga, CA
Student of Lin Pan  
Logan Clendenen, piano9Santa Ana, CA
Student of Myong-joo Lee  
Michelle Huo, piano9Yorba Linda, CA
Student of Mia Christine Chow  
Amaris Gracia Jap, piano10Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Martha Noviana  
Ming Mei Sun, piano10San Jose, CA
Sara Tateshima, piano10Los Angeles, CA
Student of Dr. Natalia Kartashova, Ph.D, DMA
Adrian Fong, piano11San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev  
Alliana Lili Yang, voice11San Francisco, CA
Student of Lora Libby and Katie Kerwin-Gielniak
Allyson He, piano11Fremont, CA
Student of Le Yu  
Clara Bonner, violin11Delray Beach, FL
Student of Olga Romoff  
Enyo Cai, piano11Newport Beach, CA
Student of Yiming Jin and Joyce Lee  
Josh Kurniawan, voice11Singapore
Student of Jean Ong  
Ethan Zhang, piano12Naperville, IL
Student of JeongSoo Kim and Jonathon Kirk
Kaylee Wang, piano12Storrs Mansfield, CT
Student of Kamilla Mammedova  
Lucas Tsui, piano12Palo Alto, CA
Student of Tatiana Romanovsky  
Selina Dong, piano12Draper, UT
Student of Ya Liu  
Audrey Lee, violin13Duluth, GA
Student of Nadir Kashminov  
David Lin, piano13Ontario, CA
Student of Lin Liu  
Eric Tao, violin13Dublin, CA
Student of Amy Liu  
Maya Jade Tantang, piano
Student of Angela Ang  
Mia Ji, piano13Arcadia, CA
Student of Natalia Kartashova  
Tina Yu, voice13Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Eugene Brancoveanu and Lin Pan
Carrie Ma, piano14Chandler, AZ
Student of Yan Zhang  
Claire Shen, guzheng14Columbus, OH
Student of Joanna Li  
Crystal Huang, piano14Singapore
Student of Helen Lin  
Ethan Yu, piano14Bangor, ME
Student of Ling McLoughlin  
Ian Bang, viola14Demarest, NJ
Student of Yu Jeong Lee  
Kiara Zhou, voice14Los Gatos, CA
Student of Eugene Brancoveanu  
Olivia Park, flute14San Jose, CA
Student of Joo Youn Shin  
Penelope Chung, flute14Santa Clara, CA
Student of Rayo Furuta  
Ryan Shi, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of Yu-Hui Jen  
Sophia Ren, flute14Arcadia, CA
Student of Bolin Pan  
Xiaomeng Lyu, pipa14Sammamish, WA
Student of Yang Wang  
Chenyang Hu, piano15San Diego, CA
Student of Chloe Xu  
Christine Nam, piano15Irvine, CA
Student of Angel Huang  
Jonathan Zhang, erhu15Sunnyvale, CA
Student of He, Churong and Kartdontchik, Libby
Tina Hou, piano15Yorba Linda, CA
Student of Mia Christine Chow  
Vinca Lu, piano15San Jose, CA
Student of Alexander Vereshagin  
Zihua Wang, marimba15Cupertino, CA
Student of Joy Liu  
Irene Hong, violin16Palo Alto, CA
Student of Sunghee Park  
Joning Wang, piano16Scarsdale, NY
Student of Anna Stoytcheva  
Shianna Chi, guzheng16Los Altos, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
Ella Phillippy, piano17Boyds, MD
Student of Dr. JeongEun Park Kang  
Piano Trio/Six Hands:  
Chloe Yan, piano10Lafayette, CO
Melody Zhang, piano10Longmont, CO
Michelle Ning, piano10Longmont, CO
Students of Ling Mcloughlin  
Violin and Guzheng Duo:  
Sunny Gao, violin12Los Gatos, CA
Student of Pat Burnham  
Annie Gao, guzheng9Los Gatos, CA
Student of Chiffon Fu  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Zephan Shivam, piano11Austin, TX
Annika Shivam, piano15Austin, TX
Students of Julia Hsiao  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Anthony Pan, piano12Brighton, MA
Angela Pan, piano12Brighton, MA
Students of A. J. Colins  
Piano Trio/Six Hands:  
Isaac Luo, piano10San Diego, CA
Adrian Fong, piano11San Diego, CA
Michael Song, piano9San Diego, CA
Students of Tatiana Stignev  
Third Place Winners
Mowen Zhao, violin7Redmond, WA
Student of Ilya Shpigelman  
Daniel Lilja, piano8Boynton Beach, FL
Student of Olga Romoff  
Avery Zhao, piano9Saratoga, CA
Student of Tina Tsai  
Charlotte Gao, voice9Short Hills, NJ
Student of Henry Chen  
Ruixi Zhao, violin9Redmond, WA
Student of Ilya Shpigelman  
Isabel Pang, piano10Arcadia, CA
Student of Natalia Kartashova  
John Foo, violin10Singapore
Student of Zhang Chi and Alan Sharipov  
Ron Huang, piano10Singapore
Student of Helen Lin  
Elaine Zhao, voice11San Jose, CA
Student of Taylor Husted and Lin Pan  
Marianna Golan, piano11Delray Beach, FL
Student of Olga Romoff  
Caden Chau, piano12Bellevue, WA
Student of Dr. Li-Cheng Anna Hung  
Caroline Yu, piano12Mountain View, CA
Student of Lin Pan  
Lukas Cordoba, piano12Coconut Creek, FL
Student of Olga Romoff  
Selena Yue, voice
12Santa Clara, CA
Student of Taylor Husted and Lin Pan
Sunny Yu, pipa12Redmond, WA
Student of Yang Wang  
Anya Lu, voice13Los Gatos, CA
Student of Eugene and Lin Pan  
Audrey Shieh, piano13Medina, WA
Student of Nancy Kim  
Shriya Dharan, voice13Avon, CT
Student of Daniel Brevik and Jill Edwards  
Anika Gupta, guitar14Portland, OR
Student of Travis Johnson  
Janie Luo, piano14Orinda, CA
Student of Elena Pang  
Akash Vasan, bassoon15Austin, TX
Student of Kerry Taylor and Daniel Chrisman
Annelise Im, cello15Dublin, CA
Student of Jehah Han  
Anthony Ratchkov, piano15San Jose, CA
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva-Ledford  
Benoit Pelchat, voice15Moraga, CA
Student of Min-Sheng Yang  
Hayoon Joe, voice15Singapore
Student of Ji Hyun Hwang  
Srilakshmi Venkatesan, piano15Hopkinton, MA
Student of Eleanor McLaughlin  
Sarah Gao, piano
16San Diego, CA
Student of Tatiana Stignev  
Boyuan Su, guitar17Hamden, CT
Student of Xiaobo Pu  
Tongtong Guo, piano17Ashburnham, MA
Student of James Brawn and Piotr Tomasz  
Amartya Kallingal, violin18Atlanta, GA
Student of Nadir Khashimov  
Piano Quartet:  
Lissa Petit, violin15Boca Raton, FL
Avia Kesler, violin14Delray Beach, FL
Clara Bonner, violin11Delray Beach, FL
Sofia Grishkina, piano12Boca Raton, FL
Students of Olga Romoff  
Honorable Mention
Ethan Jecroy, violin
6Beverly Hills, MI
Student of Daria Hodko  
Charlotte Gillespie, violin11Shohola, PA
Student of Daria Hodko  
Zakariya Fazliyev, violin11Elkins Park, PA
Student of Larisa Odlyvanska  
Jerry Wang, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of Emily Hung  
Alfi (Alfredo) Cordoba, piano18Coconut Creek, FL
Student of Olga Romoff  
Krista Lilja, piano32Boynton Beach, FL
Student of Olga Romoff  

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation



1. Each participant will be notified about the Competition results after the Chairwoman releases the Competition placements. Each Winner will perform at one Recital. Recital date and time will be offered to the Winner based on the Competition results.

2. Only ONE piece from the audition repertoire within a time limit will be performed at the Winners Recital.

3. Extra performance time of up to 1 minute can be accepted for the Winners Recital with an additional fee of $100.

4. Only piano accompaniment can be used at the Winners Recital. Only one grand piano will be available at the Weill Recital Hall. No acoustic system will be provided.

5. Participants must bring their own piano accompanist. American Protégé does not provide piano accompanist, but can recommend one after enrollment into the program.

6. Photo or video recording during the recital is strictly prohibited per the Carnegie Hall policy. A professional photographer will be taking pictures of the performers.

7. Recital and Photo Fees are not refundable.

8. During the COVID-19 Health Crisis, U.S. participants, who are unable to or unwilling to take a risk to travel to NYC for the Recital, may request a Competition Winner’s Package with a non-refundable $300 fee. The Package includes online recognition, Winner’s Certificate, Teacher’s Diploma, four Booklets with biographies and photos, and participation Plaque Trophy. International participants may arrange a Package pickup or request a shipment to the friends or relative residing in the U.S. We do not mail packages internationally.

9. All participants are responsible for their own expenses (travel, housing accommodations, etc.).

10. Detailed Winners Recital Guidelines will be emailed to the participants.

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