American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Music Talent Competition Fall 2016

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition is open to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.



Winners performed on

Saturday, December 24, 2016 at 1:00 PM at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall
Sunday, April 16, 2017 (Easter) at 3:30 PM at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

Additional Spring – Summer 2017 Recital dates were offered to the Winners.



Three qualified judges evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent, their students are not allowed to apply this season.

International Music Talent Competition Fall 2016 Results:

Judges' Distinction Award and First Place Winners

International Music competitions at Carnegie Hall

Megan Zhiyan Phuan, 4 years old from Singapore, started piano lessons a year ago with Christine Gan Siew Hui. Naturally musical, she developed a keen interest in piano playing under the Ms Gan’s tutelage.  She enjoys performing and her passion in music is evident at a young age. She was awarded First Prize and Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize at the Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition, in which she had her debut performance at Wiener Saal Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.  She was also awarded the Gold Prize at the 6th Singapore Performers’ Festival & Chamber Music Competition 2016 in Singapore.  She also participated in the Bach in the Subways 2016, the 6th annual international celebration of the music of J.S. Bach to his 331st birthday held in March 2016.  She performed Bach’s Music on both the piano and the violin.

International Music Competition in Carnegie Hall New York 0715

Justin R. Nguyen, 16, is a junior at Irvine High School.  He began learning how to play the viola in fourth grade at his local elementary school. He has been a member of the IUSD Elementary, Middle, and High School Honor Orchestras, Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra, California All-Southern High School Honor Orchestra, and California All-State High School Symphony Orchestra. As a sophomore, Justin completed both the California Certificate of Merit for Viola and Piano Level 10 Advanced.  Justin won first prize in the Viola Open II Competition at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival 2016. Justin also has great interests in other activities and competitions such as the Math League, American Math Competitions, MathCounts, and National History Day.  

International Music Competition in New York 0736

Benjamin Luo, 7, from Apex North Carolina, began his piano study with Florence Ko when he was 5.  He has since placed in various local, state and international piano competitions.  At age 6 he won a second place in RPTA Young Artist Piano Audition.  In 2016, he is the first place winner of The Art of Piano – International Great Composer Competition.  He also won the title “Page Boy of Music” of the NC Federation of Music Clubs State Royalty Competition, first place of NC Federation of Music District Junior Scholarship Competition and first place of the RPTA Young Artist Piano Audition Senior Level.  He is the youngest competition winner in history in this category.

Music Talent Competition Fall 2016 Winners 
First Place Winners
Jair Kang Jun Chan, piano5Singapore
Student of Christine Gan  
Weidong Ni, piano5Beijing, China
Student of Qingyi Zhou  
Henry Manciu, piano6Canonsburg, PA
Student of Phyllis Kiser  
Zihan Sunny Chen, piano6Vancouver, Canada
Student of Fafan Xiao  
Alisa Lin, piano7Bangkok, Thailand
Student of Krit Niramittham  
Leon Xiang, piano7Vancouver, Canada
Student of Fafan Xiao  
Lucas Chang Diep, piano7Singapore
Student of Christine Gan Siew Hui  
Cheuk Yin, Sky Pang, piano8Hong Kong
Student of Stella Fong and Dr. Yu Yeung  
Ivan Y Chen, piano8New Hyde Park, NY
Student of Vivian Liu  
Pui Yee Pearl Chan, harp8Hong Kong
Student of Michelle Abbott  
Derek Chang, piano9Rockville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Janice Lee, piano9New Hyde Park, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Adrienne Lee, piano11Chino Hills, CA
Student of Ana Maria Eckstein  
Chin Hung Lin, piano11Bangkok, Thailand
Student of Krit Niramittham  
Maya Karp, voice11Marlboro, NJ 
Student of Badiene Magaziner  
XinYi Liu, piano11Flushing, NY
Student of Ruby Zhou  
Yifei Wang, guzheng11Dongguan, China
Student of Zhaolan Pan  
Isaac Liu, cello12Cerritos, CA
Student of Laszlo Mezo and Vladimir Panteleyev  
Leo Chang, cello12Bellevue, WA
Student of Kai Chen   
Qinrui Zhou, guzheng12Dongguan, China
Student of Min Xu  
Samantha Der, cello12Oakland, CA
Student of Sergei Riabtchenko  
Abigail Xu, Oboe13Nunawading, Australia
Student of Stephen Robinson  
Amanda Chao, violin13Tenafly, NJ
Student of Joey Corpus  
Andy Dai, piano13Chapel Hill, NC
Student of Margarett Evans  
Manou Chakravorty, cello13Chicago, IL
Student of Richard Hirschl  
Zi Xian Loi, violin13Singapore
Student of Zhen Shan, Zhang  
Kevin Ou, piano14Rowland Heights, CA
Student of Jeffrey Lavner  
Nicholas Xie, piano14Athens, GA
Student of Anatoly Sheludyakov  
Steven Zhang, cello14Redmond, WA
Student of Zhenlun Li  
Zi Rui Zhao, piano14Oakville, Canada
Student of Olga Chichova  
Eileen Zhu, piano15Aliso Viejo, CA
Student of Sheve-Hwa Su  
Erica Hong, piano15Duluth, GA
Student of Elena Cholakova  
Hannah Chan, piano15Irvine, CA
Student of Miranda Wu  
Ingrid Huang, piano15Beijing, China
Student of Wang Haibo  
KyungHwan (Alex) Hwang, cello15San Diego, CA
Student of Ruslan Biryukov  
Si Xian Loi, violin15Singapore
Student of Zhen Shan, Zhang  
Xinhong Li, guzheng15Dongguan, China
Student of Yuyan Xu  
Arthur Dvorkin, piano16Redwood City, CA
Student of Natalya Borodulin  
Caroline Wang, piano16Cary, NC 
Student of Clara Yang   
Qingyang Hu, guzheng16Austin, TX
Student of Jingqun Shao  
Adam Iskrzycki, clarinet17Bielsko–Biala, Poland
Student of Lukasz  
Clare Celine Quinn, voice 17Galway, Ireland
Student of John Quinn  
David Winograd, tenor saxophone17Morganville, NJ
Student of Julius Tolentino  
Jessica Yan, violin17Cockeysville, MD
Student of Christian Tremblay  
Carlos Guillén, marimba21Heredia, Costa Rica
Student of Carmen Maria Alfaro Mendez  
Huiwen Jiang, piano23Columbus, OH
Student of Caroline Hong  
Jingshan Cheng, piano24Huangshan, China
Student of Detlef Kaiser  
Adelya Shagidullina, viola27Philadelphia, PA
Xia Xia Zhang, violin28Kingwood, TX
Student of Maurice Hasson and Jianheng Zhang
Ji Hye Lee, piano30Lawrence, KS
Student of Dr. Michael Kirkendoll  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Megan Zhiyan Phuan4Singapore
Jair Kang Jun Chan5Singapore
Students of Christine Gan Siew Hui  
21-string Guzheng Ensemble:  
Qinrui Zhou12Dongguan, China
Xinhong Li15Dongguan, China
Min Xu34Dongguan, China
Shufen Gao36Dongguan, China
Hongxia Wan41Dongguan, China
Students of Yuyan Xu and Min Xu  
Cello Duo:  
Kevin Chen15San Diego, CA
Edward Li16San Diego, CA
Students of Lu-Yan Guo  
Balaban and Piano Duo:  
Nijat Masimov, balaban19Baku, Azerbaijan
Minira Najafzada, piano19Baku, Azerbaijan
Students of Ilham Najafov  
Marimba Duo/Four Hands:  
Cristián Valverde19San Jose, Costa Rica
Gabriel Valverde21San Jose, Costa Rica
Students of Carmen Maria Alfaro Mendez  
Voice and Piano Duo:  
Valerie Gay, voice51Philadelphia, PA
Iris Blanco-Urgelles, piano36Chester Springs, PA
Students of Margaret Baroody  
Second Place Winners
Ivy Shang, piano7Clarksburg, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Kai Yi, piano7San Diego, CA
Student of Irina Bendetsky  
Catherine Yang, piano8Rockville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Rosanna Foss, piano8Manhattan Beach, CA
Student of Gayane Sahakyan  
Kieran Chong Chee Toh, piano10Singapore
Student of Alan Chin Zhijiang and Rosy Chua  
Mingwei Jiang, piano10Chester Springs, PA
Student of Iris Blanco  
Nigar Huseynli, piano10Baku, Azerbaijan
Student of Nigar Najafova  
Abigail Dawn Baobaoen, piano11Tawau, Malaysia
Student of Linda Koh Fui Tze  
Emma Tio, piano11San Gabriel, CA
Student of Yin Yin Huang  
Helen Yin, piano11Potomac, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Ivette Chen, cello12Yorba Linda, CA
Student of Sarah Koo  
Miranda Lemoine, piano12Santa Catarina, México
Student of Dr. Antonina Dragan  
Nathan Mu, piano12Solon, OH
Student of Ella Karasik  
Samantha Randall, piano12Shelton, CT
Student of Andrew Armstrong  
Ethan Jiang, piano13Gates Mills, OH
Student of Ella Karasik  
Kevin Yin, piano13Potomac, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Andre Canubas, piano14Rockville, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Christine Zhu, piano14Gaithersburg, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Emma Xu, cello14Gaithersburg, MD
Student of Ning Wang  
Joseph Dong, cello14Diamond Bar, CA
Student of Vahe Hayrikyan  
Lina Zhu, piano14Chadds Ford, PA
Student of Iris Blanco  
Thaddeus Lim Yu Han, piano14Singapore
Student of Alan Chin Zhijiang and Rosy Chua  
Angela Pham, piano15Newport Coast, CA
Student of Ana Maria Eckstein  
Angelina Oh, piano15San Diego, CA
Student of Eunice Ahn  
Austin Pham, piano15Newport Coast, CA
Student of Ana Maria Eckstein  
Jane Kim, piano15Buena Park, CA
Student of Dr. Hye Kyung Lee  
Jereme Corbin, piano15Bethesda, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Yun Ru Fong, piano15Tawau, Malaysia
Student of Linda Koh Fui Tze  
Benjamin Firester, piano16New York, NY
Student of Li-Chen Hwang  
Mihyun Jang, piano16Fullerton, CA
Student of Hye Kyung Lee  
Yenah Kim, piano16Fullerton, CA
Student of Hye Kyung Lee  
Sarrah Asokumar, voice17Pelham, NY
Student of Natalia Budyonny  
William Kyle Moraga, piano17Shoreham, NY
Student of Rowena Arrieta  
Piano Duo/Four Hands:  
Trista Siew11Singapore
Student of Winny Kusmin and Rosy Chua  
Chloe Siew13Singapore
Student of Fiona Chin and Rosy Chua  
Third Place Winners
Gabriel Khoo Ken Jin, piano8Singapore
Student of Shannon Mok and Rosy Chua  
Hoong Yit Ng, piano9Singapore
Student of Amelia Jek and Rosy Chua  
Iris Duan, piano9Germantown, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Mehek Bhatnagar, piano11Fremont, CA
Student of Helen Lee  
Ian Hsu, piano15Fremont, CA
Student of Fonny Chandra  
Hyunji Shim, voice14Irvine, CA
Student of Sookhyun Hong  
Lily Smith, piano16Alexandria, VA
Student of Nina Kozin  

Honorable Mention Winners and other participants will be notified of their standing via email.


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