American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Music Talent Competition Fall 2015

The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition is open to all instrumentalists (piano, winds, strings, brass, traditional, etc.), vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video recording materials for the audition. American Protégé is looking for genuinely talented people, who have creativity and stage charisma.

We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition.

All applicants who are signed with the manager or producer must submit via email a General Representation and Release Form signed by the Manager/Producer to be eligible for the Competition.



Winners performed on

Saturday, December 26, 2015 at 1:00PM at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall and

Sunday, March 27, 2016 (Easter) at 3:30PM and 7:30PM at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Judges’ Distinction Award Trophy and other Special Awards were granted based on the judges recommendations.



Three qualified judges evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent, their students are not allowed to apply this season.

International Music Talent Competition Fall 2015 Results:

Judges’ Distinction (Plaque Trophy) Award Winners

International Music Competition in New York 0734

Kher Ching Chong, 6, was born in Tawau – the third largest town of “The Land Below The Wind”, Sabah, Malaysia. She has been studying Pianoforte Performance for 3 years with Linda Koh. Kher Ching won 2nd prize in Grade 2 Romantic Piano Solo Competition and Grade 1 Folk & Pop Piano Solo Competition in the 21st Kota Kinabalu Music Festival in 2014. Recently, she emerged the champion in the Grade 3 Popular Piano Solo Competition and won 2nd prize in the Grade 6 Classical & Romantic Piano Solo Competition in the 22nd Kota Kinabalu Music Festival 2015. Kher Ching was awarded Distinctions in her Pre-Preparatory and Step 1 Piano Performance, Speech & Drama Step 2 and Grade 1 and Music Theory Step by London College of Music (LCM), University of West London. She also participated in The Music Makers’ 2013 & 2015 Concerts “Musicale” and “Artistico”, respectively.

music competitions

Elias Tyson Venegas is a 9 year old singer with an old soul and a young heart.  He loves to sing and has been jazzing up songs since he could sing his ABCs.  Tyson loves to also play piano and drums, dance and write songs.  He won 2013’s British Columbia Junior Talent and Pacific National Exhibition’s Star Showdown, contest won previously by Michael Buble and Carly Rae Jepson.  Much to Tyson’s surprise, Michael Buble came to surprise him at this event.  He has been invited to perform at various events and fundraisers, such as Canada Winter Games, Canuck Place gala, Variety’s Children’s Charity events, Global TV’s Christmas breakfast wish, Hospital Galas, Canada Summer Special Olympics and both Canadian and American anthems at National Hockey League Canucks game and a Vancouver Canadians baseball.  Tyson’s also been able to perform with Michael Kaeshammer and Bobby McFerrin (2014 Vancouver Jazz Festival at the Orpheum).

International Music Competition in New York 0731

Clare Celine Quinn is a 16 year old mezzo soprano from Galway, Ireland. She is the current “All Ireland Schools Talent Search” winner, this national competition was televised by TV3. Clare Celine has won national titles at the Feis Ceoil 2015, in Sligo and the Midlands in both classical and musical theatre genres. Clare Celine was selected to perform on the iconic Late Late Show on RTE television The Irish Independent Newspaper described her performance as “The Performance of the night”. This year Clare Celine was the recipient of a High Achievers Award from the Royal Irish Academy of Music having obtained distinction for her singing. Clare Celine, a tireless ,humble ,and gracious advocate for numerous charities, has been described by Irish television as “one of those talents that makes us sit up and pay attention, we think she will be a big name in the future”.

Music Talent Competition Fall 2015 Winners
First Place Winners
Cary Wang, piano6New Canaan, CT
Student of Felicia Feng Zhang  
Isabelle Soleil Amezqua, violin6Peachtree City, GA
Student of Olga Romoff  
 Kher Ching Chong, piano 6 Tawau, Malaysia
 Student of Linda Koh Fui Tze  
Ria Chhabra, voice, Folk/Traditional6Singapore
Student of Khor Ai Ming  
Sophia Li, piano6Brentwood, TN
Student of Li Li  
Arya Babu, piano8Solon, OH
Student of Cynthia Crotty  
Luna Chen, piano8Belmont, MA
Student of Margarita Kotlyarova  
Shuchi Tyagi, piano8Boyds, MD
Student of Vivian Kwok  
Hershe Lee, piano9Tawau, Malaysia
Student of Linda Koh  
Hsien En Shannen Tay, piano9Singapore
Student of Helen Lin  
Elias Tyson Venegas, voice, Jazz10  Port Moody, Canada
 Student of Camille Henderson  
Rosemary Mantchev, piano11Montreal, Canada
Student of Genevieve Snider  
Shirlynn Chan, Flute12Monterey Park, CA
Student of Amy Tsai  
Lauren Yang, piano13Sugar Land, TX
Student of Helen Tan  
Renee Choi, violin13Closter, NJ
Student of Dr. Yu Jeong Lee  
Zachary Zhang, cello13Bellevue, WA
Student of Zhenlun Li  
Handong Wang, piano14Los Gatos, CA
Student of Yang Yu  
Hannah Chan, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of Miranda Wu  
Nikolay Dimitrov, piano14Ruse, Bulgaria
Student of Daniela Kyurkchieva and Ivan Kurtev  
Bonita Shin, piano15Brandon, Canada
Student of Jayoung Hong  
Hansub Kim, violin15Los Angeles, CA
Student of Johnny Nam  
Joon Bang, piano15Germantown, MD
Student of Dr. JeongEun Park Kang  
Kevin Su, piano15Boyds, MD
Student of Marjorie Lee  
Shalynn Tsai Qi Yun, violin15Singapore
Student of Zhang Zhen Shan  
Xu Jingyan, piano15Oakland Gardens, NY
Student of Ivy Chen  
 Clare Celine Quinn, voice, Broadway 16 Galway, Ireland
 Student of John Quinn  
Ji Eun Park, viola16Los Angeles, CA
Student of Helen Callus  
Peter Wang, piano16West Roxbury, MA
Student of Natalia Harlap  
Jonathan Lai, Double Bass17New York, NY
Student of Eugene Levinson  
Andres Viquez Sanchez, Marimba18Alajuela, Costa Rica
Student of Carmen Alfaro Mendez and Alexandr Sklioutovsky  
Yujin Jang, voice, Classical19Huntington, NY
Student of Yuri Park and Peter Castaldi  
Luis Diego Hernandez, Marimba20Alajuela, Costa Rica
Student of Carmen Alfaro Mendez and Alexandr Sklioutovsky  
Rachel Decker, flute24Portageville, NY
Taylor Pardell, voice, Broadway26Vancouver, Canada
Student of Taylor Pardell  
Liguang Zhou, piano28Columbus, OH
Student of Dr. Caroline Hong and Dr. Christopher Fisher  
Yeji Kim, piano30Wethersfield, CT
Student of Haejeon Lee  
Second Place Winners
Zhi Yan Eva Yu, piano5Hong Kong
Student of Christine Gan Siew Hui  
Dhwani Srinivasan, flute6Singapore
Student of Larisa Tupitsina  
Ria Chhabra, voice, Classical6Singapore
Student of Khor Ai Ming  
Ria Chhabra, voice, Broadway6Singapore
Student of Khor Ai Ming  
Niyah Skye Amezqua, piano8Peachtree City, GA
Student of Olga Romoff  
Alexander Ning, piano9Mississauga, Canada
Student of Dr. Olga Chichova   
Gladys Lim, voice, Classical9Singapore
Student of Roderick Teh  
Caelan Lu, piano10Mount Pleasant, Australia
Student of Helene Lu  
Jacqueline Su, cello10Bothell, WA
Student of Zhenlun Li  
Nathan Reiser, cello10Arlington, VA
Student of John Kaboff  
Paula Rueda, piano10San Jose, Costa Rica
Student of Valentina Tumanova and Tamara Sklioutovski  
Amarin Wexler, piano11Bangkok, Thailand
Student of Irina Novikova  
Arjun Chhabra, voice, Classical11Singapore
Student of Khor Ai Ming  
Arjun Chhabra, voice, Broadway11Singapore
Student of Khor Ai Ming  
Chris Choi, piano11Farmington, CT
Student of Yeji Kim  
Desmond Ng, piano11Fresh Meadows, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Hahn Yu Raine Chiew, voice, Broadway11Singapore
Student of June Cheong and Chiew Chun Wee  
Luke Mckool, piano11Pellham, NY
Student of Alexander Budyonny  
Shavinne Tsai Yi Ling, violin11Singapore
Student of Zhang Zhen Shan  
Allison Jiang, piano12Needham, MA
Student of Margarita Koltyarova  
Brian Zhang, piano12Vancouver, Canada
Student of Jeannie Lee and Diego Kohl  
Sabrina Su, cello12Boyds, MD
Student of Dr. Dan Levitov and Ning Wang  
Trinity Lee, piano12Troy, MI
Student of Marta Pietrzyk  
Ananya Gurumurthy, voice, Classical13Scarsdale, NY
Student of Anna Veleva  
Chern Faye Chiew, voice, Broadway13Singapore
Student of June Cheong and Chiew Chun Wee  
Katrina Tsz Ching Tse, piano13Hong Kong
Student of Wing Chong Kam  
Sarah Schiffgens, piano13Silver Spring, MD
Student of Dr. JeongEun Park Kang  
Taylor Wang, piano13Centerville, OH
Student of Sergei Polusmiak  
Andrew Yu, piano14Easton, CT
Student of Qi Liu  
Kenneth Wei, piano14Mt. Sinai, NY
Student of Rowena Arrieta  
Peter Lee, piano14Chestnut Hill, MA
Student of Margarita Kotlyarova  
 Seung Woo  Choi, piano14  San Diego, CA
 Student of Eunice Ahn  
Alan Zhang, piano15Wellesley, MA
Student of Margarita Kotlyarova  
Allen Liu, piano15Rocky Point, NY
Student of Rowena Arrieta  
Jiayuan Han, piano15Houston, TX
Student of Clive Swansbourne  
Jingyu Zhang, piano15San Jose, CA
Student of Yang Yu  
Katie Gao, piano15Rockville, MD
 Matthew Kim, cello15 Northbrook, IL
Yenah Kim, piano15Fullerton, CA
Student of Dr. Hye Kyung Lee  
Arthur Dvorkin, piano16Redwood City, CA
Student of Nataliya Borodulin  
 Barbara Xiong, piano16 Brentwood, TN
 Student of Roland Schneller  
Julia Peng, violin17Fremont, CA
Student of Davis Law  
Lauren Hong, piano17Huntington Beach, CA
Student of Teresa de Jong Pombo   
Maarij Bashir, piano19Plano, TX
Student of Dr. Gustavo A. Tolosa and Dr. David Karp  
Dahyun Suk, voice, Classical20Huntington, NY
Student of Yuri Park  
Yi Li, voice, Classical22Urumqi, China
Student of Lanqing Lu and Fengqin Duan  
Xiuhui Liu, voice, Classical37Baoding, China
Student of Lanqing Lu and Na Su  
Piano Duo/Four Hands: Ridgefield, CT
Raymond Sun15 
Angela Sun16 
Students of Qi Liu  
Piano Duo:  
Kevin Chen14San Diego, CA
Gabriel de Andrade16San Diego, CA
Students of Tatiana Stignev  
Violin Duo:  
Olivia Curtis, 1st violin15Peachtree City, GA
Katharine Scheidt, 2nd violin  
Students of Olga Romoff  
The Magical Men Trio:  
Alexander Huff, viola10Peachtree City, GA
Alex Hickmont, viola12 
Peter Chapman, piano12 
Students of Olga Romoff  
Third Place Winners
Julie Hong, piano8Wellesley, MA
Student of Margarita Kotlyarova  
Yu Zhe Chen, piano8Nanjing, China
Student of Christine Gan   
Jacqueline King, piano10Fresh Meadows, NY
Student of Vivian Fang Liu  
Sydney Jiang, piano10Needham, MA
Student of Margarita Kotlyarova  
Joshua Lee, piano11Chestnut Hill, MA
Student of Margarita Kotlyarova  
Paris Aspen Arin, piano11Southwest Ranches, FL
Student of Prof. Paul Posnak  
Jane Kim, piano13Buena Park, CA
Student of Dr. Hye Kyung Lee  
Aimee Liang, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of Miranda Wu  
Tassneen Bashir, violin16Plano, TX
Student of Briggs Howe and Ed Long   
Honorable Mention
Enzo Zhao, piano6Stafford, VA
Student of Susan Flinn  
Ria Chhabra, piano6Singapore
Student of Wayne Teo  
William Lee, voice, Folk/Traditional14Troy, MI
Student of Frank Pitts, Rochester College  
Alexander Kougasian, violin15Pelham, NY
Student of Keita Fukushima  
Jiacheng Sun, voice, Classical18Beijing, China
Student of Lanqing Lu and Ying Yu  

Other participants will receive Diploma of Participation


Upcoming Competitions:


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Deadline: June 10, 2024


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Deadline: October 10, 2024


Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2024

Deadline: October 25, 2024


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