American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

Summer Gala Concert at Stern Auditorium 2016

June 30, 2016, 8:00 in the Evening

The American Protégé Summer Gala Concert was a great success and an exciting experience for all of the artists performed on this iconic stage.

We have selected thirty-five participants to perform at the Isaac Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall that evening.

For the Concert’s window poster, please click here.

The list of performing artists is available here.

Photos from the Concert:


List of the concert sponsors:


Esra and Kemal Arin (Southwest Ranches, FL), David Bateman, Dr. Elena Benjamin (Los Angeles, CA), Mr. Bijou and Dr. Taji Abraham (Sacramento, CA), Ellen Dauz Chan (Sacramento, CA), Drs. Lisa & John Kailath (Sacramento, CA), Gloria Smith (Sacramento, CA), Adela & Marty Eder (Sacramento, CA), Dr. Trini Mathew (Pennsylvania), Brooklyn Musical Arts II (Brooklyn, NY), Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Campbell (New York, NY), Jackson Caruso, Jackie Cheung (Brooklyn, NY), Clavis Production (Le Vésinet, France), Cole Coleman, Christopher & Danielle Diaz, Revae Douglas, Alex Forbes, Rosanna Foss (Manhattan Beach, CA), Oxana Foss Couture (Manhattan Beach, CA), Anastasia Foss Photography (Manhattan Beach, CA), Stephen Furqueron, Thomas Gordon, Igor Iankovskyi Foundation “Initiative For The Future” (Kiev, Ukraine), Mr. and Mrs. Chye H. Koh, Singapore, The Lee Family (Staten Island, NY), Mr. and Mrs. Li (Sugar Land, TX), Jonathan & Karena Reiter, Allie Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Setton (Cooper City, FL), Dr. Tian Song (Brooklyn, NY), Samantha Tamayo, Dr. Martha Thomas – University of Georgia, United Church Of Marco Island, Mr. and Mrs. William Soong (Alhambra, CA), Xiangling Xue (Beijing, China)

We thank all participants and their families for their ambition and dedication to this endeavor. The American Protégé Organizational Committee is grateful to all the institutions, companies and families, who provided support to the artists.

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