American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Competition of Romantic Music 2018

The American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music is open to instrumentalists (piano, piano duo, winds, strings, chamber orchestras, voice) of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video/audio recording materials for the audition. Multiple winners will be chosen in each age category.

American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music 2018 attracted applicants from across the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Germany, Singapore, Thailand and Australia.




Winners performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City on:

December 15, 2018,

December 16, 2018,

December 23, 2018,

March 31, 2019 and

April 21, 2019 (Easter).

Special prizes for best performances were awarded based on the judges’ recommendations.



Four qualified judges will evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent; their students are not allowed to apply this season.

Dr. Sophya Genis is invited as a Chairwoman of the Competition 2018. A graduate of the Moscow Gnessin Academy of Music, Mrs. Genis holds a Doctor of Music Arts Degree. She studied piano with such renowned professors as Alexander Yoheles, Yakov Milstein and Yakov Zak.

International Competition of Romantic Music 2018 Results:

Judges Distinction Award (Plaque Trophies) Winners

classical music competition winner

Sophia Suwiryo is a fourth grader at St. Mary School Hyde Park. She has been studying piano in the CCM Prep. University of Cincinnati with Dr. Takako Hayase Frautschi since she was 4 years old. Sophia was mentioned on WCPO and ABC News in 2018 as a 9-year-old child prodigy. She performed with Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and the conductor, John Morris Russell described her as “amazing” and “brilliant”.  She was also invited as a special guest on “Steve” Harvey TV show at Hollywood. Sophia has received many awards from piano competitions such as first place 2018 Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition, a gold medal from AADGT, a grand prize in Rising Talent Music Festival, exceptional young talent prize in Music Awards International, and National Gold Medal from The Royal Conservatory.  She also performed three times in the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie in New York.

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20194

Michelle Skylar, born in 2005, is a soprano vocalist who has lived in Russia, United States, and currently resides in England. Michelle achieved Grade 5 certification in piano and voice with distinction at the age of 9, with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and went on to play lead roles in Shakespeare Festivals in London. In 2017, Michelle was awarded 1st Prize in Golden Voices International Competition, 2nd Place in American Protégé International Music Talent Competition, and 1st Prize in International Vocal Competition, debuted at Carnegie Hall, and performed in concerts with orchestras in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the invite of the Spivakov Foundation. In 2018, Michelle was awarded Grand Prix and 1st Prize in International Competitions. Michelle has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Baruch Performing Arts Center, and Musikverein.

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20199

Hailey Kang is a 16 year old junior at Tualatin High School. She started cello at the age of eight years old and currently studies with Hyun-Jin Kim. She has been part of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony for seven years and is currently co-principle of the top orchestra, as well as MYS’s top chamber group, MYSfits. Hailey is also the principle of her school orchestra. She was a three time winner in the Oregon Cello Society competition. She played in the 2017 All-Northwest Orchestra and 2018 All-State Orchestra as well as winning numerous concerto competitions such as Jewish Community Orchestra, two-time winner of MYS Concerto Competition, and Oregon Pro Arte Orchestra. Hailey has also participated in master classes taught by Harriet Krijgh, Colburn Conservatory professor Dr. Nail, and SF Conservatory professor Angela Lee. She attended Boston University’s 2018 Tanglewood summer solo camp. Hailey was a winner for the 2018 Monday Musical Scholarship Competition, as well as the 2018 Oregon State Solo and Ensemble Competition.

Winners by Age Category

Young Musicians Category, Age 5 to 10:
First Place Winners
Elijah Chang, piano6Campbell, CA
Student of Matt Wang  
Sophia Suwiryo, piano9Mason, OH
Student of Dr. Takako Hayase Frautschi  
Olivia Li, piano10Cary, NC
Student of Florence Ko  
Rachel Ko, piano10Santa Rosa, CA
Student of John McCarthy and Marilyn Thompson  
Sadie Wang, cello10Portland, OR
Student of Hyun-Jin Kim  
Second Place Winners
Angelina Wu, piano6Blacksburg, VA
Student of Sonya Ho  
Jeremy Liu, piano7Naperville, IL
Student of Sueanne Metz  
Elisa Xu, piano8Irvine, CA
Student of Emily Hung  
Faith Divya Moey, violin8Singapore
Student of Cindy Yan  
Leighton Ko, piano8Santa Rosa, CA
Student of John McCarthy and Marilyn Thompson  
Abigail Goddard, piano10Studio City, CA
Alexandra Ma, piano10Toronto, Canada
Student of Michael Berkovsky  
Brendan Tark, piano10Portland, OR
Student of Anne Denis  
Lindsay Miao, piano10Winchester, MA
Student of Yidan Guo  
Minghui Yao, piano10San Diego, CA
Student of Rowena F. Asuncion  
Third Place Winners
Haowen Zhong, piano6Cambridge, MA
Student of Yidan Guo  
Nicolette Ledford, piano8San Jose, CA
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva  
Junior Category, Age 11 to 14:
First Place Winners
Kanami Nagaoka, piano11Kyoto, Japan
Student of Yumiko Imina  
Alicia Chu, voice12Newark, DE
Student of ChunFeng Li  
Michelle Skylar, voice13London, Great Britain
Student of Marika Rauscher  
Ashley Yoon, violin14Charleston, SC
Student of Hye-Jin Kim  
Grace Seoeun Kim, violin14Closter, NJ
Student of Yu Jeong Lee  
Second Place Winners
Jennifer Pan, piano11American Canyon, CA
Student of Amy Chiu  
Jianna Jia Kim, flute11Blue Bell, PA
Student of Michael Maizels  
Justin Sun, piano11Spring, TX
Student of Dr. Matthew Loudermilk  
Noah Balough, piano11Los Gatos, CA
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva, M. M.  
Henry Yao, piano12Sunnyvale, CA
Student of Dr. Yu-Jane Yang and Shen-Ling Chuang  
Caitlin Ang, cello13Waban, MA
Student of Elena Korableva  
Zhuyun Wei, piano13Marietta, GA
Student of Hwee Boon Ng  
Adrian Pu, piano14Davis, CA
Student of Natsuki Fukasawa  
Daniel Cai, piano14San Diego, CA
Student of Xiaoyan Sui  
Jacob Youn, cello14Portland, OR
Student of Hyun-Jin Kim  
Jason Li, piano14San Diego, CA
Student of Anna Stal  
Nathan Napier, piano14Amherst, NY
Student of Violeta Arakelova  
Raina Bandekar, flute14Ambler, PA
Student of Michael Maizels  
Third Place Winners
Hongyu “Hugh” Ma, piano12San Jose, CA
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva  
Aidan Robinson, piano13La Canada, CA
Student of Yin Yin Huang  
Bell Chen, cello13Shoreline, WA
Student of Zhenlun Li  
Jinjeong Kim, piano13San Jose, CA
Student of Inna Gendler  
Nicolas Kim, piano13New York, NY
Student of Sohyun Ahn  
Reagan Smith, piano13Eagle, ID
Student of Suzanne Winegar Clive  
Ryan Si, piano13Hinkley, OH
Student of Tatsuya Nagashima  
Audrey Burnett, piano14Chandler, AZ
Student of Yali Luo  
Charles Hawthorn, piano14Missouri City, TX
Student of Yanzi Lin  
Chengyi Situ, piano14Canton, MA
Student of Shelley Robbins and Emily Luker  
Nathan Mu, piano14Solon, OH
Student of Ella Karasik  
Honorable Mention
Anakha Ganesh, piano13Union City, CA
Student of Helen Lee  
Dylan Hooshi, piano13Old Westbury, NY
Student of Vivian Chan  
Jiaxuan (Christina) Peng, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of Ping  
Komal Pamujula, piano14Pleasanton, CA
Student of Helen Lee  
Rahul Gunturi, piano14Fremont, CA
Student of Helen Lee  
Intermediate Category, Age 15 to 18:
First Place Winners
Issa Okamoto, voice15Portland, OR
Student of Hannah Penn  
Kevin Yu, piano15Austin, TX
Student of Dr. Susan Groves  
David Ban, piano16Wexford, PA
Student of David Allen Wehr  
Hailey Kang, cello16Tualatin, OR
Student of Hyun-Jin Kim  
Renee Qin, harp16West Vancouver, Canada
Student of Elizabeth Volpe Bligh  
Alexander Cheng, piano17Sandy, UT
Student of Gary Amano  
Frederick Chang, violin17Cary, NC
Student of Shelley Livingston  
Second Place Winners
Friedrich Fong-Yi Liu, violin15Brookline, MA
Student of Mark Lakirovich  
Jane Hwang, piano15Chestnut Hill, MA
Student of Pavel Nersessian  
Jeffrey Huang, piano15Pleasanton, CA
Student of Taichen Cheng  
Jia Yuan Hu, piano15Sugar Land, TX
Student of Yanzi Lin  
Katerina Fenner, piano15Santa Clara, CA
Student of Janna Usmanova  
Mitchel Wang, violin15Paradise Valley, AZ
Student of Danwen Jiang  
Christine Kim, piano16San Jose, CA
Student of Inna Gendler  
Kenichiro Takeoka, piano16Newton, MA
Student of Mana Tokuno  
Stephanie Wang, piano16Cary, NC
Student of Florence Ko  
Brandon Kim, violin17Belmont, MA
Student of Kyoko Horowitz  
Third Place Winners
Alex Ye, piano15Mason, OH
Student of Luba Fedorov  
Alton Shen, piano15Austin, TX
Student of Susan Groves  
Audrey Yellich, piano15Carmel, CA
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva  
Erica Hooshi, piano15Old Westbury, NY
Student of Vivian Chan  
Jeffrey Huang, violin15Pleasanton, CA
Student of Amy Liu  
Mathew Luo, piano15Saratoga, CA
Student of Yu Yang  
Nicholas Xie, piano15Athens, GA
Student of Anatoly Sheludyakov  
Tomas Germanas, piano15Ellicott City, MD
Student of Sima Elkis  
Jialin Tso, piano16Chantilly, VA
Student of Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt  
Joyce Yang, piano16San Diego, CA
Student of Irina Tchetchko  
Jun Sang Lee, piano16San Diego, CA
Student of Eunice Ahn  
Katherine Chou, piano16Chandler, AZ
Student of Yali Luo  
Honorable Mention
Anna Zhao, piano15San Marino, CA
Student of Chloe Xie  
Annie Wang, piano15Ann Arbor, MI
Student of Chris Carlon  
Ian Morgan, piano15Medina, OH
Student of Tatsuya Nagashima  
Nina Shenoy, piano15San Ramon, CA
Student of Nina Shenoy  
Samantha Shelffo-McGrath, piano15New York, NY
Student of Sohyun Ahn  
Ananya Ramkumar, piano16Palo Alto, CA
Student of Natalia Borodulin  
Kyra Hooshi, piano16Old Westbury, NY
Student of Vivian Chan  
Richard Jones, piano16Solon, OH
Student of Ella Karasik  
Sanjay Gollapudi, viola16Cupertino, CA
Student of Peter Thompson  
Albert Zhu, piano17Solon, OH
Student of Xiaoling Anderson  
Audrey Hsu, piano17San Diego, CA
Student of Hsin-I Sharon Cheng  
Elya Lavi, piano17Scarsdale, NY
Student of Leke Salihu  
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals:
First Place Winners
Chen Liang, piano24Winchester, VA
Jian Song, violin29Winchester, VA
Fei Tong, violin25Mount Pleasant, MI
Student of Fangye Sun  
Silvia Denk, flute45Passau, Germany
Student of Prof. Peter Thalheimer and Prof. Gunther Pohl  
Shun-Jung Hsu, piano29Madison, Wi
Xin Zhang, piano31Lexington, KY
Student of Irina Voro and Joanne Polk  
Yibing Zhang, piano30Plano, TX
Student of Pamela Mia Paul and Joaquin Achucarro  
Second Place Winners
Carolina Ramírez, piano24Heredia, Costa Rica
Student of Alexander Sklioutovsky  
Kevin He, cello24Lexington, KY
Kevin Xiao, piano24South Windsor, CT
Student of Maggie Francis  
Linda Iko Suzuki, piano36Edgewater, NJ
Madeleine Riding, violin18Spanish Fork, UT
Student of Monte Belknap  
Ryan Grieser, viola19Cleveland, OH
Student of Prof. Jeffrey Irvine  
Shelley Shao, piano18Toronto, Canada
Student of Enrico Elisi  
Yi Qing Elaine Yang, piano20Toronto, Canada
Student of Enrico Elisi  
Amateur Category:
First Place Winner
Emelia Suljic, voice20La Jolla, CA
Student of Dr. Robert White, Jr.  
Second Place Winner
Ashley Tolman, voice28Logan, UT
Student of Susan Haderlie  
Honorable Mention
Karen Salicath Jamali, piano50Greenwich, CT

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation


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