American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Competition of Romantic Music 2017

The American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music is open to instrumentalists (piano, piano duo, winds, strings, chamber orchestras, voice) of all nationalities and countries. Participants are required to submit video/audio recording materials for the audition. Multiple winners will be chosen in each age category.

American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music 2017 attracted applicants from across the United States, Canada,  Costa Rica, Macedonia, Ukraine, South Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.




Winners will perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City on:

Sunday, December 17, 2017 (Limited placements)

Sunday, December 24, 2017 (Christmas, Limited placements)

Saturday, March 17, 2018 and

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Special prizes for best performances were awarded based on the judges’ recommendations.



Four qualified judges will evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent; their students are not allowed to apply this season.

Dr. Sophya Genis is invited as a Chairwoman of the Competition 2017. A graduate of the Moscow Gnessin Academy of Music, Mrs. Genis holds a Doctor of Music Arts Degree. She studied piano with such renowned professors as Alexander Yoheles, Yakov Milstein and Yakov Zak.

International Competition of Romantic Music 2017 Results:

Judges Distinction Award (Plaque Trophies) Winners

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20192

Ryan Gannon is a 14-year-old 10th grader from Redwood City, California. At 4 years old, he joined Sujeeva Hapugalle’s studio. He began to compete in piano competitions at age 9. Ryan has excelled in regional and international piano competitions including numerous first-place finishes. He has performed at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall three times. He completed the Young Artists Piano Program at Boston University’s Tanglewood Institute in the summer of 2017. He performed a 10-piece concert at age 8 to raise money to buy a piano for the local elementary school. Since 2011, Ryan has participated in annual community fundraising concerts to help send local children to the San Francisco Symphony and other musical venues. This year, he has started a Musical Outreach Club at his high school to bring music to members of the surrounding communities. 

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20197

Isabel Chomnalez has attended the Precollege Division of Manhattan School of Music for the past nine years, where she studies violin with Professor Isaac Malkin and plays in the first violin section of the Precollege Philharmonic Orchestra. Isabel has won top prizes in several international competitions and performed three times at Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall. In past summers, Isabel has participated and performed in music festivals in the United States, China, Germany, Greece and Italy (Cremona and Castelnuovo di Garfagnana). She also attended Interlochen Arts Camp six times. Born in the United States to Argentine parents, Isabel is currently a 12th grader at the Brearley School in New York City. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French, and has basic knowledge of Arabic. 

Winners by Age Category

Young Musicians Category, Age 5 to 10:
First Place Winners
Not Awarded
Second Place Winners
Thannapas Luanpitpong, piano6Bangkok, Thailand
Student of Dr. Pornphan Banternghansa  
Nichole Larsen, violin8Northumberland, PA
Student of Dr. Emily Rolka  
Ryan Xing, piano8Darien, CT
Student of Konstantinos Valianatos  
Adeline Shen, piano9Los Altos, CA
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva  
Minghe Liu, piano9Beijing, China
Student of Hanze Liu  
Ephraim Tan, cello10Singapore
Student of Guo Hao  
Tiffany Zhang, piano10Katy, TX
Third Place Winners
Claire Jin, piano9Irvine, CA
Student of Miranda Wu  
Zuriel Te, piano9Singapore
Student of Eunmi Choi  
Zuriel Te, violin9Singapore
Student of Simon Browne  
Alina Vinokur, piano10Westport, CT
Student of Tatiana Pikayzen  
Enping Zhang, piano10Melbourne, FL
Student of Ann Rosen  
Joseph Zhou, piano10Houston, TX
Student of Mei Rui  
Honorable Mention
George Li, piano7Gainesville, FL
Student of Dr. Nadia Mezey  
Lavender Hwang, piano10Gilroy, CA
Student of Majhon Phillips  
Junior Category, Age 11 to 14:
First Place Winners
Zera Te, violin13Singapore
Student of Simon Browne  
Amy Suwannatat, piano14Port Washington, NY
Student of Pippa Borisy and Dr. Donald Pirone  
David Kwan, piano14Cupertino, CA
Student of Michelle Lee  
Ines Nedelkovska, piano14Skopje, Macedonia
Student of Nina Kostova  
Ryan Gannon, piano14Redwood City, CA
Student of Sujeeva Hapugalle  
Second Place Winners
Crystal  Cheng, piano11Cupertino, CA
Student of John McCarthy  
Melody Qian, piano11Brooklyn, NY
Student of Frederick Kuok  
Nina Huang, piano11Plano, TX
Student of Vita Zharkova  
Truman Walker, piano11Eagle, ID
Student of Suzanne Winegar Clive  
Aaron Becker, piano12Los Altos, CA 
Student of Natalia Borodulin  
Ryan Wang, piano12Champaign, IL
Student of Jing Hao  
Siddharth Pant, piano12San Jose, CA
Student of Irina Prilipko-Morgan  
Allison Yun, piano13Manhattan Beach, CA
Student of Esther Keel  
Celine Chen, flute13Valencia, CA
Student of Mary Cervantes  
David Su, piano13East Amherst, NY
Student of Violeta Arakelova  
Ivan Cheng, piano13Staten Island, NY
Student of Frederick Kuok  
Jesse Dong, piano13Diamond Bar, CA
Student of Jenny Shin  
Eugene Choi, cello14Lorton, VA
Student of Heejung Jung  
Katelyn Ge, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of Dr. Emily Hung  
Third Place Winners
Ashley Dixon, piano12Mission Viejo, CA
Student of Melody Chiang  
Eleanor Leung, piano12Staten Island, NY
Student of Frederick Kuok  
Ethan Huan Nguyen, piano12Rancho Cucamongo, CA
Student of Aleksei Takenouchi  
Stephen Morris, piano12New York, NY
Student of Dr Sohyun Ahn  
Terrence Ho, piano12Brooklyn, NY
Student of Dr. Tian Song and Wai Han Cheung  
Annie Cui, piano13Massillon, OH
Student of Tatsuya Nagashima  
Irene Wang, piano13Williamsville, NY
Student of Violeta Arakelova  
Keira Konson, piano13Oakton, VA
Student of Faith Zuniga  
Ria Prasad, piano13Viera, FL
Student of Caroline Rosen  
Andrew Wu, piano14Buena Park, CA 
Student of Allison Edwards  
Iris Lu, piano14Yorba Linda, CA
Student of Yin Yin Huang  
Richard Chiu, piano14San Jose, CA
Student of Nataly Gingis  
Yixuan (Lucy) Zhou, piano14Brooklyn, NY
Student of Tian Song  
Honorable Mention
Nini Guo, piano11Miller Place, NY
Student of Rowena Arrieta  
Michelle Yeoh, piano12San Diego, CA
Student of Rowena Asuncion  
Neil Chen, piano12San Marino, CA
Student of Roger Wright  
Doris Lee, piano13Irvine, CA
Student of Yu-Hui Jen  
Audrey Yellich, piano14Carmel, CA
Student of Katie Gueoguieva  
Brian Yeung, piano14Wixom, MI
Student of Irene Steyman  
Dylan Giglio , piano 14Pelham, NY
Student of Natalia Budyonny   
Justin Pai, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of  Emily Hung  
Olivia Dunleavy, piano14River Edge, NJ
Student of Stacie Yao  
Intermediate Category, Age 15 to 18:
First Place Winners
Nile Camai, piano15Issaquah, WA
Student of Dr. Ivona Kaminska  
Christopher Lee, cello16Wexford, PA
Emily Yu, cello16Rockville, MD
Student of Ken Ding  
James Sinigalliano, piano16New York, NY
Student of Dr. Ana Maria Bottazzi  
Joanne Wang, piano16Roanoke, VA
Student of Melia Garber  
Isabel Chomnalez, violin17New York, NY
Student of Isaac Malkin  
Jasper Chang, cello17Palo Alto, CA
Student of Amy Hsieh  
Rhea Park, viola17Livermore, CA
Student of Madeline Prager and Jodi Levitz  
Second Place Winners
Alysa Cheung, piano15New York, NY
Student of Tian Song  
Annika Huprikar, piano15Deerfield, IL
Student of Susan Merdinger  
Josette Huang, piano15Honolulu, HI
Student of Joanna Zane Fan  
Sara Min, piano15San Jose, CA 
Student of Namiq Sultanov  
Alexander Cheng, piano16Sandy, UT
Student of Gary Amano  
Aneesha Sampath, violin16Gaitherburg, MD
Student of Leonora Karasina  
Erin Liu, piano16Saratoga, CA
Student of Nataly Gingis  
Ingrid Huang, piano16Beijing, China
Student of Prof. Wang Haibo  
Karl Godard, piano16Richfield, OH
Student of Tatsuya Nagashima  
Kevin Yiyang Li, voice16Vancouver, Canada
Student of Alex Lim   
Mona Suzuki, violin16Andover, MA
Student of Michael Rosenbloom  
Sylvia Tang, piano16Johns Creek, GA
Student of Shirley Irek  
Evan Lam, piano17San Diego, CA
Student of Rinna Livshin  
Kasey Yu, violin17Fremont, CA
Student of Ker Qi and Elaine Ubando  
ManYun Wu, piano17Cerritos, CA
Student of Shun-Lin Chou  
Third Place Winners
Josephine Kim, cello15San Diego, CA
Student of Luyan Guo  
Miranda Wang, piano15Irvine, CA
Student of Dr. Bella Tseng  
Tejas Srinivasan, piano15Mason, OH
Student of Allison Highland  
Yijun Wang, piano15Vancouver, Canada
Student of Alex Lim  
Evonne Iau, piano16Suwanee, GA
Student of Hwee Boon Ng  
Joseph  Feng, cello16Solon, OH
Student of Jerry Yarovich   
Paige Brown, piano16San Jose, CA
Student of Ekaterina Gueorguieva-Ledford  
Stephanie Pickrell, piano16Cypress, TX
Student of Alicia Shirley  
Alan Zheng, piano17Ann Arbor, MI
Student of Christopher Carlon  
Bruce Markman, classical guitar17San Diego, CA
Student of Andrey Chuguev  
Jessica Chen, violin17Fremont, CA
Student of Ker Qi  
Katryn Basso , piano17Stonington , CT
Student of Nonetta Shatakhtsian  
Paul Overlie, piano17Newport News, VA
Student of Teri Falk  
Samantha  Won, piano17Fullerton, CA
Student of Soo Lee  
Honorable Mention
Richard Jones, piano15Solon, OH
Student of Ella Karasik  
Victoria Tran, piano15Goodyear, AZ
Student of Ed Anderson and Angela Anderson  
Ana  Cismaru, piano16Los Gatos, CA
Student of Katie Gueorguieva  
Rebecah Huang, piano16Palo Alto, CA
Student of Joyce Lee  
Tejas Thvar, piano16Los Altos, CA
Student of Maria Brodsky  
Anna Petti, piano17Mountain View, CA
Student of Katie Gueorguieva-Ledford  
Jennifer Wang, piano17Dallas, TX
Student of Grace Long and Ruth Ann Hoffman  
Kevin Nea, piano17Rowland Heights, CA
Student of Aleksei Takenouchi  
Scott Chen, piano17Los Gatos, CA
Student of Katie Gueorguieva   
Zepu Wu, piano17La Verne, CA
Student of Jenny Shin  
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals
First Place Winners
Qianni Yang, piano25Columbus, OH
Student of Caroline Hong  
Yu Mi Bae, cello30Allston, MA
Student of Michael Reynolds  
Elena Korableva, cello31Brighton, MA
Jeong Hoon  Lee, flute32Denton, TX
Student of Mary Karen Clardy  
Second Place Winners
Tongtong  Lei, violin19Boston, MA
Student of Tao Yan and Lv Xu  
Suah Chang, piano37Westwood, NJ
Student of Deirdre O’Donohue  
Honorable Mention
Zhengfang Bao, piano20Boston, MA
Student of Gila Goldstein  
Andrea Arévalo Cuéllar, piano24Lima, Peru
Student of Marian Sobula and Carmen Escobedo  
Amateur Category
Honorable Mention
Maiya Kenick, piano30Hacienda Heights, CA

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation


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