American Protege International Music Competitions at Carnegie Hall

International Competition of Romantic Music 2012

American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music 2012 attracted applicants from across the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Ukraine.




The Winners Recitals were held on

Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 3:30 PM at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall

Sunday, December 23, 2012 at 7:30 PM at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall and

Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 11:30AM and 7:30PM at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City

 Special prizes for best performances were awarded based on the judges recommendations.



Four qualified judges will evaluate audition materials. All judges are independent; their students are not allowed to apply this season.

Dr. Sophya Genis is invited as a Chairwoman of the Competition 2018. A graduate of the Moscow Gnessin Academy of Music, Mrs. Genis holds a Doctor of Music Arts Degree. She studied piano with such renowned professors as Alexander Yoheles, Yakov Milstein and Yakov Zak.

International Competition of Romantic Music 2012 Results:

Judges Distinction Award (Plaque Trophies) Winners

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20186

Charles Zhao, 9, from Bethesda, Maryland, started taking piano lessons when he was 6 years old. His past piano teachers include Professor Laurent Boukobza and Professor Gary Wolf, among others. Currently, Charles continues his piano study under Dr. Michael Adcock. Up to now, Charles has won awards in almost every competition he entered. Among these awards, the noticeable ones were the Florida State level piano solo and piano concerto (at the 2nd highest technique level) competitions, which took place in May 2011. In April 2011, Charles also performed in the winners’ concert at Weill Recital Hall at the Carnegie Hall in New York City. Besides piano, Charles loves drawing, mathematics and reading.

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20191

Sheng Shuo, 10, from Changchun, China, studies piano under Prof. Wong Yee Lun of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. His past piano teachers include Prof. Huang Yameng and Mr. Song Zhengang. Up to now, Shuo has won many international and national piano competition awards, including 3rd Cadenza National Youth Competition -1st prize (2009, Cat. B), 4th Steinway National Youth Piano Competition (Northeast China) – 3rd prize (2009), 73rd Steinway & Sons International Youth Piano Competition (Jilin, China) – 2nd prize (2009), 12th “Xinghai Cup” National Youth Piano Competition – 3rd prize (2008)

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20185

Claudia See, 17, from San Diego, California, began playing clarinet in 4th Grade.  She is currently under the tuition of her music teachers Alexander Gourevitch and Vladimir Goltsman. Claudia’s achievements include San Diego Symphony Young Artists Competition – Winner (2012), San Diego Youth Symphony, Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition – Winner (2011), San Diego Clarinet Society Young Artist Competition – 1st place (2011) and Grand Prize Senior Division (2011), Coastal Communities Concert Band – Don Caneva Scholarship Winner (2012), Helen B. Goodlin Competition – 1st place (2012), La Jolla Symphony Young Artist Competition – Rising Star Award (2012).

Scholarship Award Winner:

classical music competition at Carnegie Hall 20195

Kunst Piano Quintet: Jung Lim Kim, piano; Hyunjung Kim, violin; Kina Park, violin; Hyemin Choi, viola; Linda Kim, cello

Established in Boston, MA in 2011, Kunst Piano Quintet is dedicated to expanding the contemporary chamber music tradition through performances, recordings, broadcasts, educational activities and community outreach projects.  The group philosophy is to connect with people through an instrument made out of wood. Alumni of New England Conservatory and Peabody Conservatory, the Quintet has coached with members of the Muir quartet, Takacs Quartet, Borromeo String Quartet , Tokyo String Quartet, Julliard Quartet as well as Peter Zazofsky, Bayla Keyes, Malcolm Lowe and Rafael Hillyer. Consisted of musicians from Korea, members hold graduate degrees in performance from the New England Conservatory of Music and Peabody Conservatory. They have performed throughout Korea, Central America and the U.S. They are also artists sponsored by the Kumho Aisana Cultural Foundation.  The Quintet participants are studying under Anthony Di Bonaventura.

Winners by Age Category

Young Musicians Category (age 5 to 9)
First Place Winners
Meagan Elissa Cook, piano8San Jose, Costa Rica
Student of Ludmila Melzer  
Charles Zhao, piano9Bethesda, MD
Student of Michael Adcock  
Second Place Winners
Anna Tan, violin6Singapore
Student of Clara Tan  
Adrian Romoff, Piano8Peachtree City, GA
Student of Olga Romoff  
Rayna Aden De Guzman, flute8Singapore
Student of Larisa Tupitsyna  
RaeYue Pung, piano9Singapore
Student of Albert Tiu  
Francois Gizycki, cello9Shanghai, China
Student of Xue Wen Gao  
Third Place Winners
Erica Graham Clarke, piano8Newtown Square, PA
Student of Elena Berman Gantard and Dmitry Borisovsky  
Yihsuan Chao, piano9Taiwan
Student of Jessie Huang and John Vaughan  
Honorable Mention
Olivia Lin, piano7Elmhurst, NY
Student of Jiuan Jiuan Chiou  
Tu Anh Nguyen, piano8Boca Raton, FL
Student of Dr. Irena Kofman  
Victoria Lin Midkiff, piano8Blacksburg, VA
Student of Sonya Ho  
Eleanor Yeajune Lee, piano9Tuscaloosa, AL
Student of Hye Sook Jung  
Daniel Zi Yang Chen Wang, Piano9Cartago, Costa Rica
Student of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski and Tamara Slioutovskaya  
Junior Category, Age 10 to 13:
First Place Winners  
Shuo Sheng, piano10Beijing, China
Student of Huang Yameng  
Cynthia Soto, piano11San Jose, Costa Rica
Student of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski  
Lawrence Lan, piano12Setauket, NY
Student of Marjorie Lee  
Kevin Long Su, piano12Boyds, MD
Student of Marjorie Lee  
Jounghee Son, piano13Ahnyang Si, Korea
Student of Ji Eun Lee  
Annelise Bui, piano13Newport Coast, CA
Student of Dr. Susan Boettger  
Second Place Winners  
Julia Liu Fu, piano10Cottonwood Heights, UT
Student of Ya Liu  
James Sinigalliano, piano11New York, NY
Student of Dr. Ana Maria Bottazzi  
Maryna Peresichanska, voice11Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Student of Natalia Dymchenko and Olga Shkola  
Ethan Chen, piano11Diamond Bar, CA
Student of Aleksei Takenouchi  
Yurika Yamada, piano12San Jose, CA
Student of Nagisa Ariza  
Howard Chen, piano12Diamond Bar, CA
Student of Aleksei Takenouchi  
Antonio Frank Plumer, piano12Mount Airy, MD
Student of Scott Beard and Frank Plumer  
Aileen Chung, violin13Irvine, CA
Student of Magaret Batjer  
Leyla Kabuli, piano13Davis, CA
Student of John McCarthy  
Emma Lee, cello13Tustin, CA
Student of Sarah Koo  
Third Place Winners  
Cheryline Illena Alim, piano10Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Lystia Christianti  
Augustin Henry Wright, piano10West Vancouver, Canada
Student of Rebecca Kelly   
Evan Hu, piano10Germantown, MD
Student of Marjorie Lee  
Lynn Gong, piano11Liberia, Costa Rica
Student of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski and Ludmila Melzer  
Vincentius Bryan, piano12Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Lystia Christianti  
Joseline Novia Alim, piano13Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Lystia Christianti  
Jamie Cleron, piano13Menlo Park, CA
Student of Christie Skousen  
Honorable Mention  
Arisa Hara, piano10Bronxville, NY
Student of Jiuan Jiuan Chiou  
Ana Laura Sanchez Retana, piano10San Jose, Costa Rica
Student of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski  
Rachel Devarani Dharmapalan, piano10Oakland, CA
Student of Jim Charmichael  
Bao Anh Nguyen, piano11Boca Raton, FL
Student of Dr. Irena Kofman  
Kate Lu, piano12Chappaqua, NY
Student of Flora Kuan  
Emily Xing Ku, piano13Lilburn, GA
Student of Raisa Isaacs  
Intermediate Category, Age 14 to 17:
First Place Winners  
Matthew Huang, cello14San Jose, CA
Student of Jonathan Koh  
David Yujun Huang, piano15Thousand Oaks, CA
Student of Edward Francis  
Andrew Chan, piano16Palo Alto, CA
Student of Lena Grozman  
Han Saem Rue, violin17Seoul, Korea
Student of Hyuna Kim  
Claudia See, clarinet17San Diego, CA
Student of Vladimir Goltsman  
MSM Precollege Trio:  
Serina Yongchen Chang, piano15New York, NY
Student of Yegor Shevtsov  
Tristan Siegel, violin16Tenafly, NY
Student of Yegor Shevtsov  
David Ryu, cello16Harrington Park, NJ
Student of Yegor Shevtsov and Madeleine Golz  
Trio con Fuoco: San Diego, CA
Flora Fang Ying Li, violin15 
Jiewon Lee, piano15 
Christina Cheng, cello16 
Students of Lu Yan Guo  
Second Place Winners  
Maximilian Bui, piano14Newport Coast, CA
Student of Dr. Susan Boettger  
Jules Jiyoon Lee, piano14Norwood, NJ
Student of Carmel Lowenthal  
Yuchun Cheng, viola14Tainan City, Taiwan
Student of Tomizawa Naoko  
Yoon Joo Choi, piano15Seoul, Korea
Student of Ji Eun Lee  
Irene Jeong, cello15Palo Alto, CA
Student of Jonathan Koh  
Jerry Liu Fu, piano16Cottonwood Heights, UT
Student of Susan Duehlmeier  
Eri Wong, piano16San Gabriel, CA
Student of Nobuyo Nishizaka  
Asana Michelle Onishi, piano16Arcadia, CA
Student of Bernadene Blaha  
Anna Elisabeth Schwartz, oboe17Longmeadow, MA
Student of Amanda Hardy and Peter Smith
Ririko Noborisaka, violin17Osaka, Japan
Student of Machie Oguri  
Preston Jordan Lim, cello17Vancouver, Canada
Student of Joseph Elworthy  
Third Place Winners  
Thomas Michael Nickell, piano14New York, NY
Student of Thomas Osuga  
Erica Jayee Huang, cello14Irvine, CA
Student of Sarah Koo  
Josephine Eugenia Alim, piano14Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Lystia Christianti  
Erica Jayee Huang, piano14Irvine, CA
Student of Miranda Wu  
Joyson Zhang, piano14Houston, TX
Student of Clive Swansbourne  
Ana Sofia Schutte, violin14San Jose, Costa Rica
Student of Catherina Tellini  
Justin Han Sumio Koga, cello14Irvine, CA
Student of Sarah Koo  
Hyeri Bae, piano15Suwanee, GA
Student of Anatoly Sheludyakov  
Alice Seohyoun Yoon, flute15Singapore
Student of Larisa Tupitsina  
Shiying Shirley Lin, piano15Little Neck, NY
Student of Wei Chiu  
Samantha Sae Min Lee, cello15Irvine, CA
Student of Sarah Koo  
Sarah Ting Goodman, piano16Weston, MA
Student of Clara Slater  
Valentinus Steven, piano17Surabaya, Indonesia
Student of Hendrata Prasetia and Lystia Christianti  
Honorable Mention  
Nellie Taratorin, piano14Palo Alto, CA
Student of Era Lifschitz  
Natalie Anne Cernius, piano16Newport Beach, CA
Student of Ana Maria Eckstein  
Joseph ChangWon Chung, violin16Fort Lee, NJ
Student of Yujeong Lee  
Daniela Valentina Rodriguez, piano16Miami, FL
Student of Margarita Garcia  
Jenna Yunsu Lee, violin17New York, NY
Student of Ricardo Cyncynates and Yujeong Lee  
Advanced Category, College Students and Professionals
First Place Winners  
Luis Esteban Wattson Herrera, piano21Hererdia, Costa Rica
Student of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski  
Liana Paniyeva, piano27Hartford, CT
Student of Phillip Kawin  
Jungmin Grace Han, cello 27Ann Arbor, MI
Student of Richard Aaron and Aldo Parisot  
Jae In Shin, violin28Seattle, WA
Student of Ronald Patterson and Hyo Kang  
Hyun Kim, violin28Boston, MA
Student of Bayla Keyes  
Eun Joung Kim, piano30Cicinnati, OH
Student of Eugene Pridonoff  
Jinhee Kim, piano30Minneapolis, MN
Student of Alexander Braginsky  
Min Hee Kim, violin31Seoul, Korea
Student of Dirk Verelst  
Hye Young Kim, piano33Urbana, IL
Student of Timothy Ehlen and Kenneth Drake  
Kwok Wai Yu, clarinet33Rego Park, NY
Student of Charles Neidich  
Tatiana Shustova, piano35Urbana, IL
Student of Ian Hobson  
Kunst Piano Quintet: Boston, MA
Jung Lim Kim, piano  
Hyunjung Kim, violin  
Kina Park, violin  
Hyemin Choi, viola  
Linda Kim, cello  
Students of Anthony Di Bonaventura  
New England String Quartet: Somerville, MA
Julia Okrusko, violin28 
Konstantin Rybakov, violin27 
Lilit Muradyan, viola32 
Ming Hui Lin, cello31 
Second Place Winners  
Chuyi Liang, piano20Beijing, China
Student of Teng Shichu  
Eduardo Jesus Montero Mata, piano21Hererdia, Costa Rica
Student of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski and Luis Monge  
Christian Kazmierski, viola22Baltimore, MD
Student of Stephen Wyrczynski  
Pavel Shevel, piano25Kiev, Ukraine
Student of Ludmila Marsevich  
Azer Damirov, violin25Philadelphia, PA
Student of Eduard Schmieder  
Fangyue He, violin25New York, NY
Student of Laurie Smukler  
Haneul Lee, piano27Los Angeles, CA
Student of Karen Shaw  
Larysa Davis, piano Laredo, TX
Third Place Winner  
Chen Wang, piano26Beijing, China
Student of Mao Qingnan  
Honorable Mention  
Irene Alfaro, piano21San José, Costa Rica
Student of Dr. Alexandr Sklioutovski  
Jihye Sung, violin24New York, NY
Student of Patinka Kopec  
JohnWillard Arrojado Utuk, piano27Cape Coral, FL
Student of Robert MacDonald  

Other applicants received Diploma of Participation


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